Wednesday, May 27, 2020

No-Pantry Problems

No Pantry? No Problem!

Creative Space Solutions on a Limited Budget

diy pantry

When we moved in, one of the first things I needed to change about the kitchen was to create some sort of pantry space. The previous owners didn't have children living in the house, so their food storage needs were very different than those of ours as a family of six.

updated kitchen cabinets
Previous Owners Used this Cabinet as an Entertainment Center

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Easy Bar Stool Refresh

Give Your Stools a Quick Makeover

Try a flashy fabric for a pop of fun!

Bar Stool Painting DIY

I'm still loving these stools 7 years later, but after moving with us to a new house, they needed a new look. I'm no longer in a beach neighborhood, and while I loved how they looked when we were there, the colors and patterns don't work with my new space.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Stenciled Barn Floor DIY

Totally Change the Look of a Large Space Using Only Paint!

How to Stencil a Plywood Floor

DIY Stenciled Floor

When we bought our house three years ago, the detached barn was an added bonus. For a while we just used it for storage, but last year I decided it was time to clear it out and put it to better use. I'd always thought about opening my own yoga studio, but the timing was never right, and I worried about overhead costs. I figured that if I could convert the barn to a large studio-like space, I could at least give "studio ownership" a shot!

Little House on the Salt Marsh

I’ve officially reached the “I’m pretty sure we could live off the grid” state of this experience… is it just me? Can anyone else relate?