Thursday, February 27, 2014

French Lifestyle Sale at One Kings Lane

Spring Sale at One Kings Lane!

Warning: These gorgeous savings will be hard to resist!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to Occupy and Entertain Kids During Flights

How to Survive an Airplane Flight with Little Ones

Part 2: The In-Flight Experience {with Kids!}

Airplane Travel with Kids

Two weeks ago we covered Part 1 of Surviving the Flight with Kids (Negotiating the Airport), and today's post should be a bit more straightforward, because when you're on the flight, there's no worrying about parking, luggage, or security: it's just you and your kids (and the other passengers and staff, of course).

Once you're on the plane, there's a lot that's out of your control (which can be especially unnerving for the Type-A's out there). So here's my advice to you (and I have my own Type-A tendencies, so I can say this): just LET GO. You've done all you can to prepare until this point, so whatever happens is going to happen. Try to relax, breathe, and enjoy the ride!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Super Sweet Pom Pom Necklaces

Gingham and Pom Pom Strands

Because every girl needs some pearls... er... Pom Poms!


DIY Kids Jewelry
Yes, yes, I know: yet another post related to the Jewelry and Art Birthday Party. But rest assured--this is the final one! And, in fact, my favorite! Because every time I look at these sweet little necklaces, they make me smile.

The whole time I was planning this party, I knew I wanted to make a pom pom necklace, but I just wasn't exactly sure how. At first I planned to use a bunch of little pom poms strung together by a gingham ribbon... but I soon realized that wasn't possible... we're talking pom poms, not beads. So I was sorta stuck. And so I popped onto Google Images, looked around, and was totally inspired by Michelle of Neon Rattail's tutorial for her Pom-Pom Necklace. You can see I altered it a little, really just the chain, but the genius all comes from her!

Another reason I was so glad to find her tutorial was because I didn't even know this Pom-Pom Garland from Michael's even existed (sorry that was the best link I could find), and using it made my life SOOOO much easier (since I was making about 15 of these necklaces as favors for the party).

Big Savings at Janie and Jack

Additional Savings at Janie and Jack!

Plus, Enjoy Free Shipping!

There's a big sale going on RIGHT NOW at Janie and Jack, but only for a limited time, and while supplies last (some sizes are already sold out)! Take advantage now to save up to 60% off original prices! This is a great way to get some high-end kids clothes at a great discount!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to Find the Best Deals on Airline Flights

Flights: Thriftiness is a Points Game

But if you put in some work, the payback is awesome!

Traveling with Kids Series via

Welcome to the third installment of Take-a-Trip-Tuesday, our February special series about affordable ways to travel with families. Over the last two weeks we've talked about why we are devoted to traveling with our kids, how to save money on high-end lodging, and negotiating the airport with young kids. Today Ben is guest posting again, and this time he's sharing how he nabs us some amazing deals on airline tickets.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Jewelry & Art Themed Girls Birthday Party

Easy Crafts for Little Hands

Jewelry Party for a Preschooler


Last week I shared some of my secrets for hosting a Stress-Free Kids Birthday Party, and now, making good on my promise to share the "activities" side of our recent Jewerly & Art Birthday Party, here are 4 more crafts ideas that little ones can participate in. Of course, before they do any of this, you'll make to make sure they're suitably attired in a Cozy Party Crown! ;)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Negotiating the Airport with Young Kids

You Can Survive an Airplane Flight with Little Ones!

Part 1: The Airport Experience {with Kids!}

Airport Tips for Families

I've talked to many parents who avoid taking far-away vacations with their families for two main (and legitimate) reasons: (1) They dread the experience of negotiating the airport with the kids and (2) They worry about how the kids will behave during the actual flight. I can totally understand the anxiety associated with both experiences, but if you take the processes one step one at a time, it really becomes do-able, and you'll thank yourself for it when you're relaxing on the beach or admiring the Sistine Chapel later that week!

When I started this post, I had planned to discuss the airport AND flight experiences in the same post, but after I started, I realized that's just too much info for one post. So today is PART ONE of SURVIVING THE FLIGHT: The Airport Experience. FYI, I'm about to throw a lot of info out there, so this may be a "Pin Now, Read Later" post for you ;)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Market Berry Baskets for Amazing Prices

Anthropologie Look-a-Like Ceramic Produce Baskets

You will not believe these prices. Period.

Ok, I'm speed-posting here. Impulse Posting, if you will. But I feel it is my duty as a blogger to share about this. If you follow me on Instagram you're likely sick and tired of hearing about this, but I just won't feel good about myself if I don't tell as many people as I can about this deal! Hense, the quick post.

Deals like this EPITOMIZE my blog--this is why I started blogging, in fact. I love finding bargains to achieve high-end looks... I'm a high-end "actor," if you will. Ok, maybe that's taking it too far... I guess that's what happens when you Impulse-Post. Anyway, here's my point:

I totally owe Lindsay at Whimsy Girl for this one! She posted yesterday about all these amazing rusticy-looking pieces that she found at Michaels. This is even more exciting for me because I literally, just this week, gave an Anthropologie Farmers Market Basket filled with
blueberries for a hostess gift. The basket cost me $14.99. I was not psyched about that price, but I had my mind set on the gift, so I just did it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Preschooler Birthday Party DIY Ideas

The Secret to Hosting a Stress-Free Kids Birthday Party

5 easy tips to ensure success!

Did you know that I'm on the contributor team at Ginger Snap Crafts? So honored and excited to be in this amazing group of ladies! Last week I shared this post on her blog, and today I'm posting here at "home base," too! If you've never been to Ginger Snap Crafts, I highly suggest checking it out--it's full of amazing ideas and is sure to inspire your craftiness! I've pinned a TON of her projects--they're so cool! I'm sure you'll see some copycat posts from me soon ;)

In the meantime, let the Kids Jewelry, Art & Unicorn Party Begin!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Forgo the Hotel Room, Stay in a Villa, and Save Money

Stay at a High-End Resort for Less Than the Price of a Hotel Room

Yes, it's possible to travel in style AND save!


How to rent a timeshare if you don't own


Take-A-Trip Tuesdays: The Secret to Affording Luxury Travel


Save money on first-rate accomdations
Welcome to the first installment of our Take-A-Trip Tuesday Series! As promised last week, my travel-savvy husband, Ben, is guest posting for me today! Yay! He's figured out some awesome ways to travel at a HUGE DISCOUNT; I don't know how he does it, but I'm soooo happy he does! We make a great team, because he focuses on the big travel pieces, like airfare and lodging, which allows me to focus on the little details that help to keep everyone happy during the trip!

Just a note: this is a pretty content-heavy post, so be prepared! Lots of info about to come your way ;)




Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY Cozy Kids Party Crowns

Create Cute and Cozy Party Crowns for Kids!

with no annoying elastic bands digging into their chins :)



We recently hosted our 4-year old's first "friend" birthday party here at our home (A Jewelry/Craft/Unicorn Extravaganza), and it was so much fun! Last week, I wrote a contributor post at Ginger Snap Crafts, discussing How to Host a Stress-Free Kids Party, and as I promised there, here is the first tutorial for one of the crafts I highlighted.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Looking for Contributors to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is Fast Approaching! Will You Help Me Celebrate? 

Bloggers: Looking for Contributors!

Looking for Eco-consicous bloggers to join me for Spring Cleaning Month in April? Interested? Read on!

Sponsors for Giveaways and Product Reviews

We are still welcoming a few more giveaway sponsors. If you are a GREEN or ORGANIC company who wants to join in on the giveaway fun, please email Kristen to let her know.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

How to Buy Designer Label Rugs for Less

My Secret to Buying Designer Rugs at a Fraction of the Price

But let's just keep it between us :)


See, I almost don't even want to post about this because I kinda feel like it's my little secret... and that the more people who know, the less awesome rugs there will be for me... but really, this trick is just too good not to share. And how many rugs can one person have, really? They're not like shoes or handbags in that way. So, I'm going to stop being selfish about my rugs and let you in on my secrets. :)