Saturday, February 8, 2014

Market Berry Baskets for Amazing Prices

Anthropologie Look-a-Like Ceramic Produce Baskets

You will not believe these prices. Period.

Ok, I'm speed-posting here. Impulse Posting, if you will. But I feel it is my duty as a blogger to share about this. If you follow me on Instagram you're likely sick and tired of hearing about this, but I just won't feel good about myself if I don't tell as many people as I can about this deal! Hense, the quick post.

Deals like this EPITOMIZE my blog--this is why I started blogging, in fact. I love finding bargains to achieve high-end looks... I'm a high-end "actor," if you will. Ok, maybe that's taking it too far... I guess that's what happens when you Impulse-Post. Anyway, here's my point:

I totally owe Lindsay at Whimsy Girl for this one! She posted yesterday about all these amazing rusticy-looking pieces that she found at Michaels. This is even more exciting for me because I literally, just this week, gave an Anthropologie Farmers Market Basket filled with
blueberries for a hostess gift. The basket cost me $14.99. I was not psyched about that price, but I had my mind set on the gift, so I just did it.

Now look at the pics to the left. The blue basket is the one I got at Anthro for $14.99 and the orange is the one I got today at Michaels for $2.39. Yes, you read that right. TWO DOLLARS AND THIRTY NINE CENTS! These baskets are perfect for gifts: teacher gifts, hostess gifts, birthday gifts.... Fill them with fresh produce or candy, tie a ribbon on top (wherever will you find that cute ribbon? LOL, obviously), and you're done. I am stocking up. I will keep a shelf filled with these to use as go-to gifts. For $2.39?! How can I not?! I might go back for more. Really.

Here's the deal: they're on sale for 40% off right now, and this weekend (but I've seen conflicting info about when the coupon expires, might be today, maybe tmrw), Michaels has a 20% off entire purchase coupon. That's the beauty of this! But, even if you can't get in for the sale, they're still great prices ($4.99 for the small one), and you could use your regular 40% coupon to buy one if it's not on sale at the time! But the point of this post is that it IS ON SALE NOW, so if you can get there, go for it!

Here's a peek at my insta-obsession:

Here's my cart in the store.

Here's when my kids got sick of me talking about them and, thus, started photo-bombing.
Oh, I forgot to mention the mixing bowl! Big one (shown here) was $8.15, and the small one (no pic, sorry) was $4.79.

The ceramic egg carton that makes me want to go out and buy some chickens to lay some fresh eggs to put inside... $2.91!

Aaaand the raw kale I exclaimed that I would eat because I was so excited about these deals (that bigger basket was $4.31).

So I'm done now... I just needed to share with you. I can now sleep better tonite.

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Also, I'm SO EXCITED to announce a new event on the blog in April, in honor of Earth Day: Spring Greening! We'll highlight earth-friendly tips and tricks, and have GIVEAWAYS from eco-friendly vendors! Right now I'm looking for fun, eco-conscious bloggers to join me with some cool posts! Upcycling tutorials, healty recipes, energy conservation... anything that helps our earth! Are you interested? Just fill out the form here: Spring Greening Contributors.


  1. I've admired these so many times but could never justify the price. This makes me wish I lived close enough to a Michaels to head there right now. Unfortunately it's an hour each way to the city so I won't be heading in but I'll be keeping my eye out when I'm there for these to go on sale.

  2. Oh man! I totally feel for you, Al. Before we moved here, we were 45 minutes from the nearest craft store and it was so hard! Sometimes you just get the urge to do a craft and it makes it almost impossible when you're so far away :( Hopefully you can get there soon!


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