Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Butterflies for Lent: Kids Project

A Simple Craft to Teach Kids About Lent

Lenten CCD Lesson for 1st Graders

Teaching Lent to Kids

Wonder what we worked on in CCD this week? You guessed it! Lent! And it was perfect timing, since Lent begins today.

My first graders didn't have much of a concept of what Lent was, so this super-easy activity was a fun way to simplify the season for them. The process is pretty self-explanatory from the pics, but I'll give you a quick run-down of the steps below.

Lent Craft for Kids: Materials

  • Lenten Butterfly Worksheets: You download and print the ones I made or make your own. A couple options: you can print them on purple paper (like I did) or have the kids color them purple themselves. Note: to keep it simple for the little ones, my document states that Lent goes through Easter, although technically in the Catholic Church it ends on Holy Thursday. If you want to get technical with your kids, I also made another version that says "Holy Thursday" instead of "Easter."
  • Scissors
  • String or Twine
  • Tape
Simple Explanation of Lent for Kids


 Lent Craft for Kids: Process  

  • Fill Out Date: Have kids write in the starting date of Lent
  • Cut: Cut out butterfly outline and the 4 boxes on the next sheet 
  • String: Each student should get two strands of string
  • Tape: Tape one end of each string to the back of the butterfly, then tape 2 of the boxes to each string, as shown.

Below is an example of a project that one of my first graders completed. The string part looks a little different because I forgot my printout of the second sheet ended up having to photocopy my boxes instead (oops)! She decided to just cut around the copy of the string instead of attaching her own! Love the creativity there!

Lent Ideas for Sunday School


Religious Ed Ideas for Lent

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