Thursday, February 12, 2015

Washi Tape Toothpick Flags

Serve Up Some Finger Food in Style

Or Dress Up Your Candy-Free School Party Snacks


Cute Appetizer Ideas

Ooh how I love this super-easy toothpick hack. These are my favorite kinds of projects... meaning, I guess, the ones that take longer to photograph than they do to make ;) All you need to do it break into your washi stash (or go grab a couple rolls from the craft store), find some toothpicks, and you're ready to go.

This toothpick here really serves a couple purposes for me (I came up with the idea as I was getting some fruit cups prepared for my 5-year-old's Valentine's Day Party). First (and most important), it provides an alternative to picking up the fruit with little germy fingers (hey, I love the little guys, but they're carrying around a lot of germs... and I am sooooooo over cold and flu season). So toothpick = fork. Second, I really really needed to project to complete with my new super-cute washi tape from Pick Your Plum! And I love how they turned out :)

Make Finger Foods Look Fancy

The process here was very simple. Grab some toothpicks (I got mine at Stop and Shop for $2--I liked this variety because they weren't too sharp for the little ones and one end is totally blunt). Cut a piece of washi tape and wrap it around the top of the toothpick. Use scissors to cut a little "V" out of the end. That's it! Wondering how to use them? You can see how I used them in the fruit cups below, but there are so many options--caprese salad bites on a stick? Swedish Meatballs? Decorating mini cupcakes?

Healthy Kids Snacks

By the way, do these look familiar? Yea, these fruit cups are kinda my go-to for classroom party snacks. You may remember last year's version for a preschool Welcome Spring party. This time around? You guessed it, a Valentine's Day Party! The only difference is the added washi tape flag!

Candy-Free Valentines Ideas

Depending on the occasion, swap out the washi tape designs to meet your needs. Red, white, and blue for the 4th of July, green flags with some green fruit for St. Patrick's day... oooh, and that one's not even too far away!

Looking for more SUPER EASY Washi Tape Projects? Check out my S'mores Sticks and Upcycled Kids Collection Jars!

What other ideas are there for these cute little sticks? How would you use them?

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