Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sweet Little Valentines for Sweet Little Girls

$1 Valentine's Ideas for Little Girls

Saving Money AND Taking it Beyond Sugar and Spice ;)

It's like I almost can't take credit for this post... really, it was just that easy. After finding $1 Valentine's Day Ideas for Dads, Teens (and, soon to come, Boys), finding stuff for the little girls was simply a breeze! And I could have found plenty more! But these 5 were my favs.

Little Girl's Gift #1: Change Purse
My girls love BAGS... bags, purses, clutches, totes... anything that has the ability to hold something smaller inside of it (a 'something smaller' that will inevitably become hidden/lost in there...). But what better gift for a bag-lover than this cute little change purse? This one is a Hello Kitty variety, (and I think it would actually be a big hit among girls of lots of different ages)! And for only $1? Pretty easy choice here!

$1 Gifts for Girls

Little Girl's Gift #2: A Little Ring Bling
There was really SO much to choose from for Valentine's Day in the girls' accessories section. Tons of red, pink, and heart-shaped necklaces, bracelets, hair stuff, and rings. I just really liked how funky this one is. Don't get me wrong, it's nothing fancy--simply plastic and tin--but I love the fun combination of cute and edgy!

Dollar Store Jewelry for Girls

Little Girl's Gift #3: Hairband Lollipop 
This idea is cute, and to be honest, it's probably easy to DIY (and I considered doing it). But for the time it would take (plus cost of materials), I wouldn't be able to replicate it for less than $1... so instead, I popped in in my cart! It's pretty and practical (I can't tell you the number of hairbands we lose every week), and, come on, it's in the shape of a heart! So hard to resist this one.

Dolllar Store Valentines Ideas

Little Girl's Gift #4: Fancy, Frilly Pen 
The dollar store had lots of choices here, too--pens and pencils. If your little one goes to school, I'm sure she'd love to have a cool writing utensil to celebrate the season of love. This one's got lots of texture and sparkle... I think you'll easily catch her eye with one of these! Maybe it'll even inspire a thank-you note!

Cute Pens for Girls

Little Girl's Gift #5: Fancy Headband
My dollar store seriously has the best hair accessory section. I'm not exaggerating, either--it's better than that of the drug stores and big-box stores, and much cheaper, too! I loved these headbands--I picked the purple butterfly, but they had different colors and designs, too (cupcakes, crowns, flowers). They also had similar options for pairs of barrettes (but I'd already gotten those for my girls on a previous trip)!

Where to buy inexpensive hair stuff

You really can't go wrong with any of these ideas for a little girl. And like I said, the process was so easy, so inexpensive, and so SUGAR FREE (an important element for maintaining my SANITY)!

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