Hi, I'm Kristen. I live in New England with my husband, four kids, and one dogs. My blog is called A Thrifter in Disguise because I strive to create high-end looks on a thrifty budget. You wouldn't necessarily know it by looking at my home and projects, but I don't spend a lot of money to get the look that makes me happy.

I consider myself a part-time blogger, because I can't keep up with a regular posting schedule. I just post when I can find the time.

I also enjoy working with a few brands, and sometimes they compensate me with products or cash (a small percentage if you purchase something after clicking one of my links), but I'll always let you know if that's the case.  Check out my full Disclosure and Privacy Policy here.

My thoughts are often scattered, and most of the time I'm working on too many projects at once. My husband says I rush too much, and that's probably true, but like I tell him, that's how I get so much done. But if you notice I haven't posted in a while, it's most likely because I'm making a few big messes somewhere. Shoot me a comment and maybe you'll motivate me to start posting on my next masterpiece-of-a-mess :)

Anything Else?

Sure! Here are some clues that may help explain some things about me:
  • My favorite colors are turquoise, blue, and green, but if you've ever seen a post on my blog, I don't need to tell you that.
  • I'm the oldest of 4 children and grew up in Upstate New York.
  • I'm fairly certain my mom has visited and purchased yarn at every yarn store on the east coast. She seeks out yarn stores in any location she travels, and she's constantly knitting... just telling you because this may help explain some of my DIY obsession.  
  • For 12 years, I taught Literature at a school for kids with dyslexia. I love to teach (and miss it so much)!
  • I've been a die-hard Yankees fan my entire life, and I love the game of baseball.
  • We have a small 1928 cottage in a Long Island Sound beach neighborhood. We live at the beach during the summer.
  • Jane Austen and William Shakespeare are my favorite writers of all time.
  • I'm a certified yoga teacher, and I also love tennis, snowboarding, hiking, and SUP.
  • My husband, Ben, is the most patient person I know, and it is because of his visual/spacial, mechanical problem-solving abilities that I'm able to successfully complete a good majority of my projects. He pops up in the blog here once in a while, too! Check out our Outdoor Showerhouse post or the My Husband's Cars page to learn more about him :)

  photo 48x48-Circle-13-P_zps08f123d9.png  photo 48x48-Circle-13-TW_zpsb75a2b9c.png  photo 48x48-Circle-13-RSS_zpsca2b5eaf.png
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  1. Thank you for this craft! I am using it with my preschool class! So wonderful!


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