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Valentine's Gifts for the Little Guys

$1 Valentines for Boys

It's not all Snips, and Snails, and Puppydog Tails ;)


Stocking Stuffers for Boys
Here we are at the end of the $1 Valentine's Day Ideas Series. After posts devoted to Dads, Teens, and Little Girls, it's time for our final installment: Gifts for Little Boys! There was really a lot to choose from at my local dollar store, and the ages of the boys for these items could really vary. Check them out below.

Here are the items that made the final cut. You'll see in the pics, some items I choose to adorn with a special message, and some I left alone in their simplistic beauty (as simplistically beautiful a $1 made-in-China item can be).

Cheap gifts for boys

Little Boy's Gift #1: LED Headlamp
This headlamp occupied all three of my kids for a good hour during a recent snowday. It's easy to use, but one caveat: it requires 3 AAA batteries, an important piece of information I missed at purchase time. Luckily for you, the dollar store carries batteries, too, so if you're headed in for this item, grab a pack of AAAs!

Cheap Flashlight or Headlamp

And here's a way to jazz it up a little...

$1 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Little Boy's Gift #2: LED Bicycle Spoke Light
This gift is fun and practical! It's a LED light for bike spokes. It doesn't require any batteries, and it's easy to use--just press the center button and choose from any of 4 colorful, flashing functions. It's fun for the kids, but it's also a safety feature; it helps to give mom and dad a little peace-of-mind when the kiddos are out riding bikes at dusk.

Bike Spoke Decorations for Boys

Little Boy's Gift #3: Glow-In-The-Dark UFOs
Got a space or sci-fi lover in your house? There were a couple different varieties of these Glow-in-the-Dark ceiling stickies. These are pretty much always a fan-favorite. They'd also make great add-ons for birthday gifts, too, so you might want to think about grabbing a few at this price!

Gifts for Kids Who Love Space

Little Boy's Gift #4: Superhero Toothbrush & Keychain Combo
Ok, so a toothbrush itself may not be the most exciting gift, but a toothbrush with a Hulk keychain attached? Now that's a different story.

Boys Hero Gift Ideas

Little Boy's Gift #5: Sports Wristbands
Yup, this is a recycled idea--I used a different one in the Teenage Girls post, but it really can work for so many different types of people. They had tons of colors and different sport options, so if you're looking for something for a sports-lover, you've got a good chance of "scoring" the perfect fit! At this price, they're also a cool idea for pre-game pump-up parties or Awards Ceremonies!

Gifts for Basketball Lovers

And that's a wrap! These ideas are so easy, so inexpensive--you've still got time to run out and grab some for Valentine's Day. Good luck, and have fun!

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