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Healthy Alternatives for Classroom Parties

Easy & Fun Snacks for Kids Parties

These fresh and colorful fruit cups are just as popular!


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Last year I made a similar version of these fruit cups for my 5-year-old's class, and they were so popular (not to mention insanely easy), I decided to take some pics this time and share away!

In my experiences with little ones, I've found that presentation is often part of the appeal in getting them interested in foods. A small amount of prep work is all it took to get this "Welcome Spring Party" snack for my daughter's preschool class in VISUALLY YUMMY order.

Alternatives to sugary foods

Healthy Options for Classroom Party Snacks

  • Snack Cups: This is really the key to this snack. I got a pack of 5 oz Plastic Cups at Party City (comes with 88 cups, so you can use them for a while). Each child gets their own cup (which will also make it easier for the teachers or parents distributing the snacks). Greatest thing about these cups: they're RECYCLABLE, so make sure you pass that along if you won't be present at the party! Second-greatest thing: each kid gets their own so there's no need for a grabby, germ-sharing free-for-all ;)
  • Fruit: It's fun to go with a theme, if you've got time to be creative. Last year the snack was for a St. Patrick's Day party (and I actually found a pic-yay!), so I cut up green fruit. This year it's a Spring theme, so I thought a variety of colors would be nice.
  • Presentation: Ok, that's kind of a joke, because it's not like we're serving these up to any food critics... but little touches can make the "presentation" a little more fun. I used a durable plastic tray (no biggie if it gets banged around, dropped, or lost) and place a colorful sheet of scrapbook paper underneath the snack cups. The paper adds a pop of color to coincide with the theme of the party.
  • Toothpicks: If you've got time to run out to get some (I didn't for this one), you can add a fun little toothpick to each cup to further reinforce the theme. Not necessary, just a little extra fun :)

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Like I said, this is an AMAZINGLY easy way to encourage healthy eating habits with kids. BTW you don't need to have kids to make these work--they'd be a great baby shower, wedding shower, or brunch treat, too (plus, you can make ahead and have time to focus on the party details).

Healthy Brunch Ideas

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  1. Great idea - nice & colourful to appeal to the little ones and healthy to appeal to moms!

    1. All very true! The kids LOVE the colors! Thanks for stopping by!


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