Sunday, February 2, 2014

Looking for Contributors to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is Fast Approaching! Will You Help Me Celebrate? 

Bloggers: Looking for Contributors!

Looking for Eco-consicous bloggers to join me for Spring Cleaning Month in April? Interested? Read on!

Sponsors for Giveaways and Product Reviews

We are still welcoming a few more giveaway sponsors. If you are a GREEN or ORGANIC company who wants to join in on the giveaway fun, please email Kristen to let her know.

Recruiting at:
Life of the Party


  1. Ah man! I missed it! Oh well - looking forward to hearing from the contributors!

  2. Hi Bekah! No, you didn't miss it, I had just mistakenly turned off the form! It's working correctly now! :)

  3. Well, I don't have one of the 'pretty buttons' you speak of, and my blog probably doesn't fit well into your niche, but I'd be interested in writing on any topic that pertains to green-living. All I would ask in return is the opportunity to add a do-follow link to my eco-friendly blog at the bottom of the post. I can write on any topic you choose so long as it is in relation to renewable energy, eco-friendly living or repurposing any object of your choice. I would not repost the article on my own website as google frowns apon this, and I'd be writing solely for your reader's benefit.

    1. Thanks for getting in touch, Keith! LOL, pretty buttons on your end aren't a requirement... and follow-links are no problem! I love the fact that you're not in my normal "niche," a well-rounded group of contributors is really what I'm trying to accomplish with this event! Right now, I'm totally lacking in renewable energy content. A solid post on some accessible options would be AWESOME. Also, If you know more green bloggers, please send this their way (no pretty buttons required)! Would you mind completing the form, just so I can have all my info in one place and can shoot you an email?


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