My Husband's Cars

A (Small) Sampling of my Husband's Many Cars

I reiterate, a SMALL sampling of his cars

I set up this page to use in my demonstration for Image Maps, and it evolved into a small homage to my wonderful husband's car hobby (that unfortunately has been put on hold due to lack of a lift in our new home). 

Yes, there are only a few of his old cars featured on this page. If you know him, and you're looking at this page, you're likely to point out MANY that's he's had over the years that are not pictured here. I know, I know. I just used the pics I could find by going through my iPhoto for 10 minutes, mostly because he worked at them at KK. There are many, many more... and maybe I'll add them when I come across others... but honestly, that's not what this blog is about. If husband wants to show off all his old cars, he can set up his own blog :)

Please excuse my lack of car knowledge with these descriptions :)

His Porsche
His Jeep CJ7. I used to drive this to work with the doors off!
The VW Rabbit on which he did a Greasecar conversion.
One of his VW Jetta TDI's (he loved filling this with biodiesel).
At one point we had 3 TDI VW's at once:
 a beetle (that one was mine, pre-babies!), a JSW, and a Touareg.
Ok, this one wasn't his! This beautiful 1957 Chevy Bel Air was restored by George, a master mechanic who helped husband think through many car-related "jams." George worked on this Bel Air in the shop for years before he finally finished it in 2012. I can't mention that shop without giving George a plug!

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