Monday, August 26, 2013

No Frills, Space-Saver Boo-Boo Kit

DIY Kids Boo-Boo Kit 

Easy, Compact, and Inexpensive First Aid Kit 

So here's my epiphany of the week: when you have little kids, there is no where you can go that you might not need a band-aid.  I don't know why it took me so long to realize this, but I've stopped trying to fight it.  

Picture this: you're running out to Starbucks on a Saturday morning to grab a quick coffee.  One of the kids wants to come, too.  Sure, you think, now that she can buckle her own seat belt, bringing her along is easy!  Well, it is easy, and fun... up until the point where she trips on a curb while she's getting out of the car and scrapes her knee.  And, BAM!  That's where it stops being easy.  Because you can see that it's only a little scrape, and really, it will be fine until you get home and wash it.  But she doesn't share your opinion.  She is crying.  And the more you reassure her, the more she cries, and the louder she becomes.  And you're right outside Starbucks... you can SMELL the coffee.  You can practically taste the coffee.  But you can't, in good conscience, drag your screaming, suffering child into Starbucks just because you need your coffee.  So what do you do?????  EASY. You whip out your simple DIY Boo-Boo Kit. Because any caregiver knows what a difference a band-aid can make. And how a scrape or cut can strike at any time: in the middle of Old Navy, walking out of church, playing Monopoly (those paper cuts can come out of nowhere)!

I've gone through several iterations of boo-boo kits, and somehow I never seem to adopt one of those versions permanently. For example, having an ice pack on hand to help with the bumps and bruises is great, but it takes up prime real estate in the purse.  Ditto with gauze and medical tape.  And what ends up happening?  Well, I take out out the kit when I need to make room for something else.  And then, inevitably, someone falls down, becomes inconsolable, and needs a band-aid.  And I don't have one.

So here's my new version.  Some is for me, some is for the kids, but this new kit includes all of the most frequently-used ailment-fixers in our household.  I'm going to try it out for a little longer, but so far, it's served me well.

DIY Boo-Boo Kit For Anyone Who Takes Care of Kids 
  • Zippered Case: I like the clear ones, that way I can see what's in there without having to pull everything out each time. I got mine in the dollar bin at Target.
  • Neosporin Wound Cleanser: This stuff is awesome. It cleans out the cuts/scrapes and applies an antiseptic
  • Band-aids: Target has really inexpensive up&up band-aids (only sold in stores) that come in cute designs. They're less expensive than the "character" versions, and I actually like the designs much better. I throw in a few different designs so the kids can pick which one they want. Getting them involved usually helps cut down on the tears and nervousness, too!
  • Benadryl: I grew up with a sister with severe food allergies, so I know how important it is to have Benadryl on hand in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, they keep changing their products and/or having recalls, so it's hard to make a good recommendation about what version to use. The regular liquid container is a little large for my tastes, so right now I carry the Fastmelt Tabs in my kit (although when I looked for the link, it says the product is discontinued... hard to believe since I only bought it a month ago). Sometimes they offer the smaller, "Perfect Measure" spoons, which are also easy to throw into a kit. So, do your research, and get what you're comfortable with.
  • Small Tweezers: Those wooden playgrounds great for splinters :)
  • Pain Reliever Tablets (these are only for adults!): I keep a travel-sized container with Advil and Excedrin. Because I get headaches at the most inopportune times.
  • Tums: They make them in small rolls that take up very little space.
  • Lollipops: Next to a band-aid, this is the best boo-boo distraction.  I put a few Dum-Dums (also tiny) in mine because I know there will likely be a supportive sibling or friend nearby.


The other great thing about having one of these kits on you is that you can share. Kids are always getting hurt, and having this may help out another mom or dad who recently (now regrettably) abandoned their over-sized boo-boo kit for more space. And how great does it feel to help someone out who got an unexpected headache in the first act of the Five-act Elementary Holiday Pageant?

Easy enough! What other small items do you keep in your essential kits?

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