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Secret Santa Saturday: 8 Gifts Under $8

INSTALLMENT FIVE: 8 Gifts under $8

Substantial Gifts That Are Still Budget-Friendly

It's hard to believe that this is the final installment of the Secret Santa Success Series! Thanks so much for following along with me through these past 6 weeks; I hope I have helped to get your creativity flowing for this year's Secret Santa.

Budget-Friendly Secret Santa Gifts

When it comes to working out your Secret Santa plan-of-attack, some quick advice is to save the more "expensive" gifts for the end (check out the intro to Secret Santa Success for more basic tips).  And while none of these ideas are going to break the bank (the most expensive is $7.99), they're more substantial then some of the previous options and are certain to put a smile on the face of your giftee. 

You may notice that some of these ideas are a little girly... for more manly options, check out Secret Santa Gifts for Guys!


8 Gifts Under $8
Pretty Poinsettia Wrapped in Burlap

I got this poinsettia for $4.99 at Home Depot (it's one of the painted varieties--my favorites!). I scrapped the original packaging, swathed it in burlap (from my stash), and added a cute tag. Such a pretty flower. I'd actually recommend giving one of these as your FIRST gift so your giftee can enjoy it for longer (and maybe display it proudly on their desk, thus reinforcing your Secret Santa prowess)!

8 Gifts Under $8
#2: The Newest Issue of a Great

A new magazine is a great gift, and one quick stop into Barnes & Noble will afford you plenty of options. Is your giftee a car fan? A crafter? A foodie? A techie? A traveller? A gamer? An art lover? A sports fan? The possibilities are endless. Most magazines will easily fit under the $8 cap, but if you feel like splurging, there are more expensive options, too.

8 Gifts Under $8
: Cute Change Purse

I don't know if it's just me, but I've got a whole bunch of change that just sits at the bottom of my purse... and I could definitely make great use of this. Target had a few different designs, and at $7, you can't beat the price! Make the gift a little more special by filling it with some holiday goodies!

8 Gifts Under $8
: Hand Warmers & Foot Warmers

These HotHands products were in the dollar bins at Target and will run you $2 each. They're great to have in the wintertime, and I know many skiers who swear by them at the mountain! A quick and easy gift; adorn it with a ribbon and a tag, and you're done!

8 Gifts Under $8
Scented Soy Candle

This soy candle was another Homegoods find ($6.99). It's got festive packaging and features an earthy, cedar scent. I love the idea of giving a Christmas candle for a Secret Santa gift because the giftee will be able to use the whole time leading up to the holidays (as opposed to receiving it ON Christmas, right as the holiday season is coming to an end). And soy candles are great--mine always last so long!

8 Gifts Under $8
#6: Forced Bulb {in a Mason Jar}

"Look it's a pot... with the dirt in it!" Anyone remember that line from Meet the Parents? Gets me chuckling every time. Anyway, here I've used a mason jar to plant a paperwhite bulb. If you've got some time, you may even be able to get it to bud before gifting it ;). Or, if you're not digging (pun intended) the mason jar idea, just get a forced bulb kit! I got mine for a few dollars at Christmas Tree Shops.

8 Gifts Under $8
: Pretty Tools

I have a few versions of these Pretty Tools, and I love them! There are several varieties, but this was the best one I could find under the $8 limit. Really, this is self-explanatory, but they are literally pretty tools! There are wrenches, tape measures, pruners... lots of options! A few years ago I saw some at Michaels, so if you're lucky enough to do the same, you could use your coupon and save even more. I'd recommend these for a woman, BTW (although my husband will readily admit he finds mine very convenient in a pinch)!

8 Gifts Under $8
Fancy Handsoap

I found this vintage-inspired glass lavender water in a rustic cottage in the South of France. Just kidding! I got it at Homegoods. It was $7.99, which may seem like a lot for soap, but it's huge--32 oz! Definitely worth the $8, and it's just so pretty. And I have a confession to make: I'm keeping it! It ventured over to my kitchen sink after its photo shoot. :)

And with that, I am bowing out! We are well into Secret Santa season now, and I hope you've found this series helpful. I wish you the best of luck in your Secret Santa ventures, and would love if you shared some of your own ideas here or on the Thrifter Facebook Page!

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    Hopped over from Craftastic Mondays!

    1. Yea they're definitely multi-purpose gifts. I'm doing the same with some of them (except for the hand soap which is now in my kitchen). ;)


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