Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Meatless Monday Intro & Sweet Potato Tacos

Smoky Sweet Potoato and Black Bean Tacos
Source: How Sweet It Is

January 6: Embarrassingly Easy Smoky Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos via How Sweet It Is

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you're probably aware that we practice Meatless Monday in our home. We've been going at it for over a year now, and it gets mixed reviews from my family. For some reason, I think they associate Meatless Monday with "gross."

But I can't be too hard on them. It's true that my culinary skills are less-than-mediocre to begin with, so when I start putting restrictions on my already limited aresonal of cooking techniques, well, I can see where we may have a problem.

So this year, I am determined to find {simple} meatless recipes that my family will enjoy. And this is actually harder than you might think. To make it even more difficult, I'm trying to steer clear of our old standbys on Meatless Mondays (e.g., mac-and-cheese, pasta with a jar of sauce, grilled cheese)... and then I'm gonna blog about it. Should be entertaining, to say the least!

I'm planning to pick a Meatless Monday recipe the week before, prepare and serve it for dinner on Monday, and then quickly let you know how it goes the next day. 

And today being Tuesday, I'll let you know how last night went!

Embarrassingly Easy Smoky Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos

So maybe for Jessica at How Sweet it Is this recipe is embarrassingly easy, but for a cooking-averse individual like me, it was just my speed, and even pushed my boundaries a little (e.g., I don't normally add lime zest to our dishes). But it was all worth it, and I thought it was so GOOD! There were even several times my girls were able to "help," so that made it extra fun for them.

The Preparation
The Girls Were Happy to Help
(and even made their own version of sauce using Agave syrup)

Before Digging In... YUM!

The results from the family? Here goes:

  • B1: Thumbs-Netural; Quote: "I liked the wrap on the outside."
  • B2: Thumbs-Up; Quote: "When you put a lot of cheese in it, you can't even taste the beans!"
  • Ben: Thumbs-Neutral; Quote: "Good, but it would be better with meat."
  • Me: Thumbs-Up; Quote: "The manchego cheese was like the icing on the cake!"

Find me on Pinterest to check out next week's Meatless Monday pick (on the Meatless Monday board)... and maybe cook along with me?!

Do you practice Meatless Monday (or Meat Free Monday)? What are some of your favorite recipes?

Enjoy this {cold cold} week!

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  1. This looks looks very yummy. I love that people are cutting meat out of their diets on Mondays..I am a vegetarian.

  2. Thanks, Shannon! This was definitely one of my favorite Meatless Monday meals so far!


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