Thursday, March 12, 2015

Who's Ready for March Madness?

Celebrate the NCAA Basketball Tournament in Style

Super Easy Tutorial for DIY Basketball Bunting


How to throw a basketball party for kids

It's less than a week until March Madness begins, and what better way to get in the spirit than a quick and fun basketball-themed project?! This DIY Basketball Bunting Banner is sure to get everyone in your house psyched about the action-packed tournament just around the corner!

There are so many possibilities with this project. You can use it as some simple spring decor, or you could even plan a party around it! A Final Four Fiesta, perhaps? Or maybe you're hosting your kid's team for a pre-game rally? Got a basketball-lover's birthday coming up? This banner is a cute, unique way to set the mood for any basketball bash. Plus, with the right materials, it's easily customized to different sports (hint: Yankees Opening Day is also coming soon!).

Easy Decoration for Basketball Fan Party

DIY Tutorial Basketball Party Decoration



  • Foam Basketballs: I got mine in a sports set from Amazon. It came with 12 balls in total (3 of which were basketballs) so I was able to get 6 halves from the bunch.
  • Fabric for Bunting Triangles: I used a greenish burlap I had in my stash.
  • Ribbon for Top of Triangles
  • Cardboard for Triangle Template
  • Twine or Ribbon for Connecting the Flags
  • Hot Glue Gun, Scissors
Tutorial for Basketball Themed Party





  • Cut the Balls in Half: A serrated knife worked well for me.
  • Cut 6 Triangle Flags from Fabric: I cut out a template from cardboard (the size is up to you, but mine ended up being about 8" equilateral triangles), then traced it onto the fabric. Next, I cut the triangles with fabric scissors.
  • Hot Glue Ribbon to Top of Flags: Pretty self explanatory from the pics. I chose to fold the ribbon around the back to avoid fraying ends in the front (see pic at right).
  • Hot Glue Balls to Flags: Just find the center of the flag and glue on the ball!
  • Attach Flags with Ribbon/Twine: Use the glue gun again to string the pieces together. I left about 2.5" between my flags, but it's really a matter of taste. Think about where you want to hang it, and choose what spacing works best for your purpose.

Then hang, make your picks, and enjoy! Also, if you don't have them yet, you can print brackets from here!

Decorations for Basketball Party

You could also further customize the banners to YOUR TEAM using different color fabric or ribbon!

Sports-themed party ideas

I just love the 3D element of the finished products, and my kids haven't been able to resist giving them squeezes whenever they race past ;)

Basketball Party Decorations

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