Tuesday, May 19, 2015

DIY Scooter and Bike Streamers

This Easy, Inexpensive Scooter Project Adds Instant Punch

Give Your Little One's "Ride" Some Extra Personality


I actually got this idea from the Micro Kickboard website (my kids are obsessed with their Microkick Scooters! Seriously, best investment we've ever made for them!) when I was looking through their scooter accessories. They sell streamers very similar to this, but the colors are a bit limited, and they're asking $12.99 for a pair; I knew I could make these for a fraction of the price and get my kiddos' input on the colors they'd like.

I was lucky to have all these materials in my craft room stash, so the project didn't cost me anything in "new" supplies. But you can easily pick up everything you need at a fabric store.

Materials for DIY Scooter Streamers:

  • Elastic: For each streamer (remember, you need to make 2), I used purple elastic that was 1.5" wide x 5" long
  • Ribbon: For each streamer, I used 6 strands of coordinating 24" ribbon
  • Fray Check (available at fabric store)
  • Needle and Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun

Tutorial for DIY Scooter or Bike Streamers:

Step 1 - Measure and Cut: Determine what size elastic band you will need. For the Micro Maxi handlebars shown here, I determined that I wanted the finished size to be 4" so they would fit snugly. Because of that, I cut the elastic to 5" (giving a 1/2" seam allowance for attaching the ends).

Step 2 - Sew Ends Together:
Using a needle and thread (if you can figure out how to do it on a machine, let me know--it was way too small for me to get it to work!), overlap the ends about 1/2", use a pin to hold in place, and sew a rectangle shape to close the ends together.

Below is what I mean about the rectangle shape.  That shape seems to give it a more secure closure.

Step 3 - Cut and Prepare Ribbon: I used 6 ribbons for each streamer. First, cut to desired size (mine were 24" long), then lightly coat the ends with Fray Check (to eliminate the fraying).

Step 4 - Connect Ribbons: Find the centers of each piece of ribbon. Then, using needle and thread, join all 6 ribbons together. I just went back and forth through the tops and bottoms several times until I felt it was secure.

Step 5 - Attach Ribbons to Elastic: I didn't show this, but I recommend HOT GLUING the ribbons to the elastic first, then following by with sewing them together. Also, IMPORTANT: make sure to glue the RIGHT SIDE (the design side) to the outside of the elastic (it may seem counter-intuitive, but if you don't do it that way, the design will be "inside-out"). 

And really, that's it! Amazingly simple! I already have a plan to make some patriotic ribbons for the Memorial Day and 4th of July, and really, the possibilities are endless. Your kids will have fun picking out their own themes. Plus, these would make great birthday gifts!

 I think it even gave my little one the illusion of more speed :)

Have fun!

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