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Secret Santa Saturday: Not Your Ordinary Ornaments

Installment Three: Ornaments for Every Personality

Concerned Christmas Ornaments are Cliché? Think Again!

Are you skeptical? Sure, anyone can tell you ornaments are a good holiday present! Almost a mindless choice? Too easy? Well keep reading, because there's a lot you don't know!


But... here's the catch: in order to execute this plan successfully, you're going to have to... GULP ... ACTUALLY KNOW SOMETHING about your giftee. Yup. And not just that they're a whiz at changing the office printer cartridge.  

Do you know what they like? Any hobbies? What do they do on weekends? Now for some people these answers may be easy... maybe you've known the person a long time, or maybe they're outgoing and share those things about themselves. But if you've got an introvert, you've got a challenge, and you may need to do some reconnaissance. Do some snooping and asking around... you must find out something about your giftee.

So here's the deal: these aren't your ordinary ornaments. These are awesome ornaments. So cute, so clever... you just can't go wrong. And something else really cool about these ornaments is that you can still enjoy them even if you don't celebrate Christmas! Since none of these are based in religion, anyone can use them, even as a cute decoration, be it Christmas or not! In fact, just today, I saw a perfect choice for a certain Jewish-martini-lover I used to work with. So if anyone at my old workplace happens to draw his name, I can help you out!

I only visited three stores to accumulate all of these affordable ornaments: Homegoods, Target, Vintage Garden (local adorable shop in Fairfield), and the most expensive one topped out at a very reasonable $7.95.

FYI: I just discovered Target's "Specialty Ornament" Line, and it is just SO fun. I have a feeling they're going to sell out of those ornaments quick! I looked, and they're not selling them online, so I recommend you get in there quick! There have been plenty of times I've been bummed because Target sold out of a particular Christmas item I wanted (which is the reason we all have mismatched Christmas stockings).

So, here goes! Secret Santa Saturday: Not Your Ordinary Ornaments


Secret Santa Ornaments for The Car Lover (or Lover of All Things Vintage)

This gorgeous metal truck comes in other colors, too.  Priced at $3.00 at Target, this is a no-brainer. So darn cute!

Secret Santa Ornaments for Beach Lovers: 

I bought these one and the one at the very top at Vintage Garden, an amazing gift shop in Fairfield. They are made of wood and are stunning in person. I believe they are priced at $7.95/each. She has a website, but these are not listed on there; if you gave her a call, maybe she'd help you out (if she has any left)! There are other sea creatures, too!

Secret Santa Ornaments for Photography Lovers

Priced at $6.00 at Target (the Specialty line is a little pricier than their other ornaments), this cute camera hangs on your tree right by its strap :)


Secret Santa Ornaments for Earthy Personalities

A beautiful white snowflake made from strung beads is surrounded by a delicate rope pattern in this Homegoods piece. At $3.99, I was tempted to buy ten of them!


Secret Santa Ornaments for The Travel Lover (or Aspiring Traveler)

Know someone who loves to travel? This is perfect! Or maybe someone's going on an upcoming overseas trip? This is a good choice to show them you're paying attention! Also from the Target Specialty line, it's a $6.00 purchase.

Secret Santa Ornaments for The DIY-ers (ie., The Handyman or Handywoman)

Another Target Specialty Ornament priced at $6.00, this cute hammer is perfect for that DIY girl or guy. And she is just the prettiest hammer I ever did see ;)

Secret Santa Ornaments for The Sports Fan

This Homegoods purchase cost $4.99, but it's a simple choice if you know your giftee's team. I'm sure the selection varies regionally, but any sports fan would be happy to adorn their tree with some team pride.

Secret Santa Ornaments for The Tennis Player (or Athlete)

This Target Specialty Ornament was priced at $5.00, and even has some authentic tennis ball fuzz! But the sports selection didn't stop at tennis, they also had baseball, football, basketball, and soccer.

Secret Santa Ornaments for The Skiier

How absolutely adorable is she?! And only $3.00? There were a couple different outfits to choose from, and they come in "girl" and "boy" skiers. I just love her to pieces (although if she were mine, I'd cut off her terrible tag). Only wish they had snowboarders, too!

Secret Santa Ornaments for... Anyone With a Name

Ok, if you really found it IMPOSSIBLE to gather any information about your giftee, you can cop-out with this option. Just get one of their initials. An easy-peasy $3.00 Target option. And the letter is actually knit!

Secret Santa Ornaments for The Yogi

While glitter and glitz may not be part of an authentic yoga class, this cutie (at $6.00 from Target) will remind your giftee to chant some much-needed "OM's" this holiday season.

Secret Santa Ornaments for The Knitter

This one is my absolute favorite, and I would hang onto it for myself if it wasn't a perfect gift for my mom... ooh, the true test: does my mom actually read my blog? LOL. I'll find out soon!  How sweet is this little ornament? But you better hurry: there was only one left on the rack after I scooped this one up!

Secret Santa Ornaments for The Fancy-Pants Bling Lovers

I'm not sure what animal this is exactly... maybe a jaguar or panther... but I'm sure the camera is not doing it justice. In person, those jewels are shiny and sparkly and scream "Night out on the town!" She is a stunning choice for anyone who loves bling. And at $3.99? You'd be hard-pressed to fine some better bling at that price!

Bottom line? Ornaments can make a great choice for Secret Santa gifts. Some other stores I've seen that have lots of ornament selection are Michaels, Joann Fabrics, and Hobby Lobby. Don't forget your coupons for those three!

Looking for more Secret Santa ideas?

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  1. Those ornaments are too them!


  2. Thanks, Christine! I had so much fun with this post, although that's probably obvious!

  3. Awesome ideas! I love how personalized they are. I've been working on thrifty gift ideas all month over at my blog - I'm going to have to link back here to your list before I'm through!

  4. Thanks so much! I'd love to check out your ideas, too! Send me a link so I can find you!

  5. LOL Those are great!! Thanks for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase!!


    1. Thanks, Shelly! This was such an easy post to write because it was so much fun!!


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