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Treasure Hunt Birthday Party Favors

DIY Kids Flashlights With Wristbands

Stock the Booty with Customized LED Flashlights for Only $1.25!

Creative Kids Party Favors

I love summer birthdays! There are so many things to do when you've got the great outdoors (and nice weather) at your disposal (I so envy those who live in year-long warm climates). These fun flashlights are perfect for summer nights, and with some easy customization they make a cute party favor, too (especially for a Treasure Hunt Party)!

We've been able to hold my summer baby's birthday outside for the last several years, and because we live in a close-knit neighborhood, we invite all the kids around (not as overwhelming as it sounds--check out these Easy Birthday Party Tips!).

Since there is a big age range in the neighborhood, I always try to incorporate activities in which everyone can be involved--and often that means getting the older kids to help the younger ones (the Scavenger Hunt Party was a huge hit!).

This year she decided she wanted to do a Treasure Hunt. So immediately my mind began thinking about clever clues, where to hide them, and how to coordinate each team's movements... And then I realized I was going to need some actual TREASURE (duh)! So I came up with these.

You can get these cute, durable, LED flashlights at Walmart for $1 each (you'll find them in camping section near the other flashlights--FYI if you check the availability of your local store online, it may not be accurate--mine said they were out of stock and when I went, they had plenty). That's a pretty awesome deal. And by pairing them with a fun stretchy ribbon, you can add a lot of charm for about another 16¢. Plus, it's a great "treasure" for all ages--who doesn't find flashlights useful?

DIY Kids Party Favors

Adding the ribbon to the flashlights is super simple. I just removed the original black handle, cut 12" lengths of ribbon, strung the ribbon through the metal ring, and tied the ends together.

I found the stretchy anchor ribbon at Hobby Lobby (can't find it online though). It was $2.99/roll but I got it when they were running 50% off ribbon sale (that happens pretty frequently, so try to time it when there's a sale). Works out to 16¢ per wristband!

Stretchy ribbon elastic material

I really prefer giving out usable goodies as favors for the kids, as opposed to the cheap plastic stuff that breaks within a day, although I haven't been able to completely say goodbye to candy favors yet--sugar is such a crowd-pleaser ;)

Flashlight Favors for Kids Birthday

You could fashion these flashlights for many more uses, too--a summer camp activity? Family camping trip? Summer concerts? Sleepover craft? Pep rally? So many possibilities.

Ideas for Treasure Hunt Birthday Party

Another cool feature? If you remove the wristband, it can be used as a hairband!

Or, you could always scratch the flashlights altogether and just make cute, inexpensive hairbands!

Not planning a Treasure Hunt party? How about a Jewelry & Art Theme?

Need decorations? This DIY Crepe Paper Banner is so easy--and one of my most popular posts! Plus, these Cozy Party Crowns are a comfy alternative to paper party hats.

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