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S'mores Bar Summer Party

Customize Your S'mores With Tasty Combos!

Crowd-Pleasing Summer Party Ideas

Displaying S'mores Bar

This year for her birthday party, my 7-year old didn't want a cake. Nor did she want cupcakes. Or any kind of cake for that matter. She decided she only wanted to make some s'mores with her friends. And being that it was her birthday, I didn't think traditional s'mores would cut it. So we got creative....

Roasting Marshmallows Kids Party

The concept was simple: add some kid-friendly variety to the standard graham cracker-chocolate-marshmallow combo. Read on to see how we jazzed them up!

To compliment the original honey graham cracker flavor, we added the cinnamon and chocolate varieties and displayed them on a tri-level platter. EASY!

Kids Summer Birthday Ideas

In addition to traditional milk chocolate, we offered peanut butter cups and cookies-and-creme chocolate bars. I ended up removing the chocolate from the wrappers to make it easier for the kids. I didn't take the PB cups out, though, because when I tried it just looked messy. So they needed to help each other unwrap those.

peanut butter cups for s'mores

We divvied up some "special toppings" to adorn the roasted marshmallows. The rainbow sprinkles crushed cereal were easy to set up in dollar-store plastic bowls. The kids had fun with this part and it added some extra crunch to their treats!

Cereal and Sprinkles for S'mores

Each element was set up on a table in a kid-friendly fashion so they could take care of the process by themselves.

Marshmallows in bowl with tongs

Although some of the little ones did need some help with the roasting.

Campire Marshmallows

It was fun to see all the different combinations the kids came up with!

Kids S'mores Ideas

And no S'mores Party wouldn't be complete without Washi Tape S'mores Sticks. My girls wanted each stick to be unique, so many of them had multiple flags to try to avoid any duplicate combos. If you have time, you could even let the kids decorate their own. If you can't find them in your grocery store, you can get Roasting Sticks at Christmas Tree Shops--$20 for $1!

By the end of the party, everyone was officially sugared-up and sticky! With lots of happy faces.

S'mores Different Ideas

My only glitch was figuring out how to sing "happy birthday" without a cake... so we ended up sticking a candle in the top of a marshmallow and then stuck a s'mores stick in its side to hold it while we carried it to her.

Ideas for Easy Summer Parties

Happy roasting!

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