Tuesday, September 22, 2015

DIY Fairy Costume {Part 2: Shimmery Top}

Kids Fairy Costume Tutorial

Shiny Rainbow Top with Halter Neckline

DIY Fairy Dress Ideas

No Fairy skirt would be complete without a shimmery top to go with it! This is a quick, three-step project to make a top that coordinates with Part 1 of this project, DIY Fairy Costume Skirt and Part 3, DIY Fairy Wings.

There are plenty of ways to create this, but, as usual, I took the simple route... which means I basically just sewed a simple tube top, then used snaps to attach the halter. Easy details below!

Steps to Make a Fairy Costume

DIY Fairy Top Materials

  • 1/2 yard Sequin Fabric
  • 2 yards Floral Ribbon 
  • Package of Snaps (I used Gripper Snap Fasteners)
  • Sewing Machine and Thread (or you can hand-sew the seam)

DIY Fairy Top Instructions

  • Cut Fabric to Length: Since I know I'm going to want to layer a tee-shirt under it for trick-or-treating, I wanted to leave some extra room, so the top isn't too fitted. Here's how I did it: Measure around your fairy's chest. Add 1/2" to that number (for seam allowance).
Rainbow Fabric
  • Pin Sides Together: Line up the ends, right sides together, and pin (this will create the back seam).
Shimmery Fabric
  • Sew Together: Sew a straight line to create the back seam. Turn inside out. You've got your TUBE!

Wrong Sides Together

  • Measure for Snaps to Connect Halter Top: Determine how long to cut your ribbon to make the halter top. Place pins on the fabric AND on the ribbons to mark where you will place your snaps.
DIY Kids Halter Top Cheat
  • Attach Snaps: Follow the directions on the package to attach the snaps to your materials.
Rainbow Sequin Fabric Top

I chose not to hem the top and bottom of the top because the rough edges of the fabric roll naturally (and less work that way!).

Sequin Fabric Ideas

See? Super duper easy.

Find tutorials for both other pieces of this costume here: DIY Fairy Skirt and DIY Fairy Wings.

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