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DIY Shark Costume From a Hooded Sweatshirt

Easy DIY Shark Costume Using a Hooded Sweatshirt and Felt

Thanks to Lisa Storms for the Idea for This Costume!


Last year I needed a quick costume for my 6-month old. I didn't want to run out and pay upwards of $20 for a costume that would be worn once. Since his sisters were going to be mermaids, I thought a shark costume would add a bit of irony to the family pics. I found this adorable costume by Lisa Storms and didn't need to look any further!

Source: Lisa Storms
Unfortunately last year was the year of Hurricane Sandy, and we had to evacuate for Halloween, so although the costumes were ready, they never really made a proper debut, nor did I get great pics, but I did my best to replicate the process here this year.

The BEST thing about this costume is that it is so incredibly easy, and all you need is a hooded sweatshirt, felt, and glue (and/or a sewing machine). I think it will be easier with a sewing machine, but if you're really averse to sewing, some good got glue/fabric glue should work out fine. And, if you're a savvy shopper, you can make this whole sweatshirt for less than $5!

You can see from my pics, I chose not to do the spot on the chest, but if you do, I'm sure it will look even cuter!

DIY Shark Costume from Hooded Sweatshirt Tutorial


-Gray Hooded Sweatshirt (I can't remember where I got mine, but Walmart has them for cheap. I found this link for a sweatshirt and matching pants for $10 here, but you could do better than that if you really look)
-2 sheets STIFF gray felt
-1 sheet STIFF white felt
-1 sheet soft black felt
-Sewing machine and thread OR Hot glue or fabric glue


  1. Cut out your felt pieces. You will need:
    -2 identical fin-shaped pieces from gray stiff felt
    -One (or two if you need more length) strips of white felt cut into teeth. One side of the strip should be a straight line and the other should be jagged for the teeth.
    -Two black circles for the eyes.
  2. Sew (or glue) the straight side of your white teeth strip onto the inside of the sweatshirt hood so that that teeth are poking out. You can see I made a mistake with the length and needed to add an extra tooth after. It was totally fine and you can't tell from the front. Don't forget, no one looks very closely at the costumes; really, you just need to capture the "essence," so don't be hard on yourself if you make some mistakes.
  3. Assemble the fin by sewing the two identical "triangles" together, but leave a 1"-1.5" opening at the bottom of the triangles to create the flaps that will soon attach to the back of the sweatshirt. The pics might help explain this better.
  4. Attach the fin to the back of the sweatshirt by sewing the flaps directly onto it.
  5. Glue the eyes to the hood of the sweatshirt.

Pair the sweatshirt with a matching pair of sweatpants, and you're all set!

He's ready to gobble up a couple of sequin-clad mermaids :)

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