Monday, October 28, 2013

A Candy Free Halloween

Who Needs Candy on Halloween?

Well, certainly not my kids...

Ok, ok, so I'm not that mean. I would never deny my kids the ability to participate in the Ol' American tradition of collecting obscene amounts of sugar on Halloween. Because although candy has a different meaning to me now (read: my children becoming clones who lose the ability to synthesize anything spoken to them by an adult, running around like mad, until the inevitable crashes and subsequent temper tantrums), as a kid, being able to go house-to-house and collect FREE candy was like a dream come true. I can't deny my children that experience. So by hosting a Candy-Free Halloween, it doesn't mean I'm going to lock my kids in the house and make them eat spinach (not this year, at least). This is what it's going to mean to me: I'm not giving out ANY candy to trick-or-treaters. That's right! NO. CANDY. FROM. ME.

So what will I do when those adorable little dressed-up munchkins come to my door, singing "Trick or Treat?" in their sweetest voices and most genuine smiles? How will I deny them that which they've been dreaming about for months? Aww, it'll be simple! I won't let them leave empty handed... I just won't give them any candy! I'll just give them a slightly-healthier snack bag!

The manufacturers have made it really easy to stock up for Halloween in candy-free style this year. There were so many choices (in Walmart at least), and my favorite thing about all of them is that they designed the packages up in "Halloween" style. So while it may not be candy, it still looks fun!

Now don't get me wrong, it's not like these alternatives are exactly Superfoods, but they at least allow a break from the endless amounts of pure sugar they will also be ingesting over the next few weeks. And, for moms like me, they can be used as one less snack to plan for (or purchase) when packing lunches! Plus, if I have any leftover, I won't have a problem using them for my own kids.

So, what'd'ya think? You in? The more, the merrier! After Hurricane Sandy cancelled Halloween here last year, we're in for a big crowd of trick-or-treaters that is, unless any of them read my blog :) LOL!

Happy Hallowen!

Looking for a last minute DIY costume? Here are two easy ideas: DIY Witch Tutus and DIY Shark from a Hooded Sweatshirt.


  1. Oh boy, I hope we don't get egged this year.

    1. Doubtful. I think the no-gooders will be too intimidated by the hunk handing out their healthy snacks to dare :)


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