Wednesday, February 24, 2016

DIY Fairy Door Tutorial

Make Your Own Fairy Doors (with Washi Tape!)

Pixie Dust Not Included ;)

Inexpensive Fairy Door

My daughter wanted a fairy-themed birthday party this year, and with my penchant for craft-focused activities, I decided the girls (yup, we had all girls here--13 kindergarten crafters) could make some (super-easy) fairy doors.

The idea stemmed from some momma rumblings I'd heard about these fairy doors that many of their daughters were going crazy about. Initially I thought I could grab some (for cheap) and use them as favors... until I realized these {magical} doors are being sold for upwards of $20! Soooooo... scratch that idea. Hence, I put together this easy, CHEAP, DIY version... a perfect fairy-themed party craft for 6-year olds.

As I was scouring the craft store for some ideas, I came across a pack of cardboard pennants obviously not intended to be used as doors, but the size and shape were perfect, and from that point on, it was easy (you can find similar ones here!). I toyed with the idea of using glue-on accouterments or glitter glue (always a kid-pleaser), but since I didn't want to deal with sending the kids home with drippy-gluey-creations, I opted for (almost) all self-adhesive "decor." That turned out to be basically a combination of washi tape and scrapbook accessories.

Easy Fairy Door DIY

Fairy Door Materials

Here's what you'll need to make the fairy doors like we did. I got my supplies at various stores, but to make it easy for you, I'll give you some links to find similar products on Amazon--just be sure to check that the sizes and colors are to your liking!

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How to Make DIY Fairy Doors

The process is really pretty self explanatory (I know I say that a lot, but I really like easy projects, so it's true!). But here's a quick rundown:

First, choose a washi tape design (or many!) and wrap around your door. The holes for the pennant should be on the bottom of the door--go ahead and cover them over with the tape!

Polka dot washi tape

Next, apply your paper "window" using a glue stick (you may be able to find an adhesive version you like, but I liked the design of these best).

Kindergarten fairy craft

Apply a strip of moss to the bottom of your door.

How to make fake grass

Create guide holes for the brads you'll be applying as the doorknob and lock.

Fairy Door with grass

After making the holes, apply and secure the brads.

Fairy KeyholeMaking Your own door

Stickers for Fairyland

If you want, you can also add a string to the back of the door so that you can hang it up conveniently. Otherwise, you can just lean it up against something or secure it to a spot in another way (command strips, maybe?).

Fairy gift ideas

You may need to experiment with different spots to find out what location your fairy likes best ;)

Washi Tape Projects

Such a fun activity that looks a lot more complicated than it really is. Great to incorporate into a Fairy Birthday Party!

How to make a fairy door

Want more fairy themed ideas? Check out these DIY Fairy Wings and Shimmery Fairy Costume.

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