Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Repurposed Trays Letterpress Typecase Drawers

New Uses for Antique Printing Press Drawers

Adding Vintage Utilitarian Charm to Your Home

What to do with antique drawer

I am a sucker for old stuff... that's no surprise, I know... but old stuff that used to be fundamental to now outdated processes? Forget it... I'm sold. So when I saw these typecases listed on Craigslist, I didn't waste any time scooping them up. But then the question remains: what do we do with them?

My husband was pleased to find out that I wasn't keeping them all (he's hoping for more space in the garage, not less!), but I did have some fun staging them around the house in various ways. In the meantime, I've listed the remaining ones in my Etsy shop, so if you're in the market, have a look!

Here are some of the uses we came up with in my house:

Uses for Antique Printing Press Drawers and Trays:

1. Matchbox Car Display Shelf

Sick of stepping on those matchbox cars? Use the tray as a "garage" for them--it'll keep them accessible for the kiddos, and they can be responsible for putting them away when they're done!

Shelf for matchbox cars

2. Craft Room Organization

Use it to store spools and bobbins in your craft or sewing. Plus, it gives is some colorful character.

Sewing room thread organization

3. Organize Your Essential Oils and Serums

Turn the tray horizontally, and the narrow, rectangular compartments are the perfect size for the vials used for essential oils and face serums. I was even able to squeeze some face cream in there, too!

Essential oils display

4. Display Treats or Make into an Advent Calendar

Dum dums aren't the only candy that can fit inside these compartments. It could also be a fun addition to a kids' birthday party or a new spin on trick-or-treating!

dum dums display

5. Dress up your Dining Table or Coffee Table by Using as a Tray

I love how rustic pieces add such character to natural elements (like fresh fruit) and holiday decor. Or, put it on a coffee table to display cool books or scented candles.

Letterpress Printing Press Tray Coffee table
So those are some of my ideas for what to do with them! For more inspiration, check out are some of my favorites from around the web:
  • Love love love how Ms. Biddle's tray incorporates so much color!

different colors shelf display
Photo Source: Albert and the Lion

  • This Fall Mantle by  Remodelando la casa has me swooning!

fall mantle printing press
Photo Source: Remodelandolacasa

  • Tonya from Create, Celebrate, Explore painted and repurposed one as a gorgeous Jewelry Organizer.

jewelry display
Photo Source: Create-Celebrate-Explore

How to repurpose and antique drawer

I've currently got several of these antique letterpress (or printing press typecase) trays listed for sale in my Etsy Shop (The Found Store) if you're looking for one! Or go thrifting and see if you can find your own!

And hey, are we connected yet? If not, find me on Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy,  Google+, and Bloglovin so we can start sharing ideas together!

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