Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fab Ideas for Antique Card Catalog Drawers

Idea #1: DIY Succulent Garden

Hint: Perfect Gift for Book Lovers!

I stumbled on a lot of these GORGEOUS authentic card catalog drawers (another amazing Craigslist find!), and my head is spinning while I think of all the creative uses for them! Here's the first one I played around with...

There's just something so pretty about the mix of solid wood and the green color of live plants. It makes my heart feel soooo happy! And luckily, planting some succulents in a vintage card catalog drawer is super easy, and it would make a perfect, creative gift--ready or not, the holidays are coming soon!.

Here's how I put this one together:

Tutorial for DIY Library Card Catalog Drawer Succulent Garden

First, gather your materials. Here's what I used:

  • Variety of Succulents (you'll have to eyeball how many based on the size of your container)
  • Rocks or pebbles
  • Foil trays
  • Moss

Next, place the foil pans inside the container--I kind of "squished" them to get them in the right spot.

Add some pebbles or rocks.


Carefully plant your succulents, maintaining the soil around the roots, into the rock/container garden.

Finish up by adding some moss to the spots that look a bit empty. Then "zhuzz" until you're happy with the look.

Place in it a cute little spot where it has access to some sun, and you're good-to-go!

I love how the drawer gives some rustic appeal to the gorgeous plants it now houses ;)

Looking for hostess gifts, teacher gifts, book lover gifts? Lots of opportunities here!

I've currently got several of these authentic vintage drawers listed for sale in my Etsy Shop (The Found Store) if you're looking for one. These ones are from the 1940's and are made with solid maple and brass handles... can we say, "SWOON!"? Check 'em out!

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