Wednesday, May 29, 2013

H&M Kids Clothes: Worth the Search

Adorable Play Dresses from H&M for $4.95!

My Girls' Go-To Summer Outfits 

I love H&M. For me, for my kids... I think it's the best place to go to keep your wardrobe updated with new fashions, but at a really affordable price. The quality is okay, but at the prices they offer, you really can't beat it for the style, and then you can afford to get a few cute things each season. Sometimes, because of their layout and the abundance of clothes, you really need to search to find the best things, but it's worth it. I find I'm much more successful "sans the kiddos," especially when shopping for myself.

But onto this post: in the spring/summer, H&M has these adorable girls' dresses for $4.95! Less than $5! Realistically, I couldn't make them for that (although I think I came close with these skirts)! Last year, I spent all this time and money looking for shorts and tank tops for my girls, and when it came down to it, they never wore any of it. All they wanted were dresses. And they loved the H&M ones (in fact sometimes they still try to wear theirs from 2 years ago... I really need to sort through their clothes)!

Another cool thing about H&M kids clothes is the sizing. For instance, B2's dresses are size 2-4 years and B1's are 4-6 years. I love that there is such a range, and yet these $5 dresses look cute at any point in that range! Perfect for anything from chasing bubbles at the Memorial Day parade, to spinning circles on the lawn, to taking a drink from the sprinkler, apparently :)

I really can't get over how much I love these dresses, now a complete mainstay of my girls' summer wardrobes. $20 for 4 outfits! Don't know if I'll be able to resist getting a few more...


  1. Oh how I love H&M. But unfortunately there is not one close by since I moved 3 years ago :(

    Heidi @

    1. Oh no! That is so unfortunate! It's too bad their website isn't better, because at least then you'd be able to order them!

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