Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reusing Photo Calendar Pages

Photo Calendar Pages Make Great Prints

Photo Wall Using $7.99 Frames and Old Calendar Pages

This was one of those "why didn't I think of this before?" moments...

I have thousands and thousands of photos on my computer, and I keep asking myself why I don't do anything with them. I want to, but I find it a bit overwhelming.

Recently, I was pondering where to print out photos for the photo wall I got around to setting up (and by "setting up," I mean, talked my husband into hanging). I needed to fill the frames with 8x10" photos; sometimes I do Snapfish, iPhoto, Walmart, CVS... but which to choose this time? But no matter which I choose, considering the time spending uploading, driving to the store or waiting for shipping, it becomes a bit of a headache, and all of those options entail patience on my part. But then I glanced over at the wall in my kitchen, and a lightbulb went off!

I ordered a photo calendar this year, and I chose to display only 1 large-format pic each month. I thought that would be nice because it would let us appreciate some of our photos (that would otherwise still be on my computer) in grand "fashion." And as of today, without any doubt, I will continue to do that each year! Here's why:

I can use those calendar pages in my frames! Now, on the calendar hanging in our kitchen, I can admire a different large format pic month after month. Then, I can transfer the photos I want to one of our 8x10" frames (bought for $7.99 each at Christmas Tree Shops), to keep our wall photo collection updated too! Best of both worlds, as I see it.

Wondering About Other Items in this Room?

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