Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rainy Day Outfit... to Save for a Rainy Day

Target Baby Raincoat on Clearance for $5.68!

With $6 Consignment Sale Boots? Can't Beat That!

Why is it that I always find the best deals on things I'm NOT looking for? Today we needed baby wipes, diapers, and plastic wrap. Easy enough... so off to Target B3 and I go. And I'm on my way to the diaper aisle when I'm ever-so-subtly called to the CLEARANCE rack in the kids section. I mean, it never hurts to check it out! And lo and behold, an adorably cute little boy's raincoat for $5.68.

Sure, it's a little too big now, but it'll be just perfect for the rainy days of fall (keeping fingers crossed that it's just rain, not another hurricane)! Pair that cute jacket with the adorable little rainboots my sister picked up for him for $6 at a kids consignment sale, and he'll be a stylin' little brother in a few months. 

Don't know if anyone else has this issue, but now that I have a boy, I find it really hard to find cute boys clothes (it's SO easy for girls). So when I see something I like for him, I have to snatch it up, especially at these prices! So far Target and H&M are my favorite places to find little boy clothes. I like Old Navy, too, but they can be a little pricey sometimes.

Poor kiddo, he's such a good sport. He's thinking, "What the heck?! I can barely keep my balance as it is, and now you put all this stuff on me?!" Well, the boots didn't last long today, but they'll be ready for us--we're saving them for a rainy day... in a few months :)

Just remembered I also got his big sister's red polkadot raincoat at Target a couple years ago, too. Definitely didn't get a deal like this, but they have some really cute, affordable rain gear there sometimes!

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