Thursday, May 8, 2014

Farm Fresh Flowers Delivered to Your Door

Send Someone You Love Bold, Beautiful Blooms from The Bouqs

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Flowers, Cut When YOU Order (and shipped for free!)

Have you
heard of The Bouqs yet? This month I was given the opportunity to try out their floral services. Free flowers in exchange for posting a review? Sure, sign me up! Yea, I'm a bit of a sucker for fresh flowers ;)

While I try to support local businesses whenever I can, sometimes it's tricky if you want to send flowers to someone far away. I've used other online flower-delivery services in the past, but what I immediately liked about The Bouqs is that the flowers (which are grown on an active volcano in South America!) are only cut AFTER you order them. That means they aren't sitting in a warehouse or a fridge somewhere, hence, FRESHER FLOWERS for us! Additionally, the practice of cutting stems only when they are ordered leads to less waste and greater energy savings.

The first order I placed was for a bouquet of delicate ranunculus. Unfortunately, when I received the flowers, a few were damaged. When I contacted The Bouqs, they apologized and immediately offered a replacement. So this time around, to be safe, I chose a hardier bloom: ROSES!

Killer Bouq from The Bouqs Online Catalog
Killer Bouq from their online catalog

The roses arrived in great condition, and still today (over a week later), the blooms are wide and beautiful (with minimal maintenance!). And as you can probably tell, I had a lot of fun doing a little photo shoot with them :)

Best part? No need for a fancy vase because blooms like this take center stage! They look great in some simple, vintage mason jars or even an easy-to-make upcycled spaghetti sauce jar!

Visit The Bouqs to find out more about their practices, check out their pretty catalog, and decide if you want to send a Bouq to someone you love this spring!

Please note: I received complimentary flowers in exchange for writing this review. This post also contains affiliate links (which means I will receive a small compensation if you click them and place an order).

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