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April Meatless Monday Roundup

Check Out Our Earth Month Meatless Monday Meals

Warmer temps in April = MM on the grill a couple times!


Plant-based recipes for kids

In an effort to support the health of our bodies and our environment, our family participates in Meatless Mondays (check out that link if MM is new to you!).

So each Monday, I find a new plant-based, actual recipe (meatless, of course) at dinnertime for my family. And if you know me at all, you know that (a) I don't like to cook and (b) I'm not very good at it. But, I am trying!

 I try my hardest not to cop-out with boxed mac-and-cheese or pizza but to follow a real recipe (often pinned to my MM Pinterest Board). These often end up as the days I spend the most time actually cooking in the kitchen. Now I'd like to say makes my family happy, but that's not always the case ;)

At the end of the month, I give a little round-up of our "menus" from the past few weeks. Here's what April had in store:

April Week 1: We tried Quick Linguine with Avocado and Artichokes Recipe via Upstate Ramblings. This really was a quick recipe, which made me very happy, and it was tasty, too. The kids were troopers about trying the artichokes and capers, and one of them even ended up gobbling all her capers in lieu of the other fillers. I warmed it up because it was cold outside, but it would also be delicious cold in the summer. Plus, I LOVE that it was created by another Upstate New Yorker :)

April Week 2: These Sweet Potato Quinoa Black Bean Burgers by Little Leopard Book were so good (plus, I was able to get two days of lunches for myself out of the leftovers). I followed the recipe pretty closely, but for the sauce, I substituted Agave Syrup for the fluff (the recipe was originally created for a contest that required a "curveball" ingredient). And while I do cherish my bread, I loved that we used lettuce instead of buns, and the kids actually had a lot of fun with that, too! BTW, we cooked them on the grill, which was great, but if you do, remember to handle them gently so they stay together when you try to move them!
April Week 3: The weather during this month drove me CRAZY. One minute you thought spring was here, and then out of nowhere, it was bitterly cold again. And on one of those bitter days, we enjoyed this Slow Cooker Vegetarian Lasagna Soup via Foodie Crush. This recipe made dinnertime easy because most of it was made ahead. The combo of the spices and veggies was really good, and I loved the "Cheesy Yum" that went on top (although I used cottage cheese instead of ricotta because I have a weird ricotta aversion). This recipe lasted two days, too, and on the second day I paired it with a crusty, whole wheat baguette from the Isabelle et Vincent (our local French Bakery).

April Week 4: This was a "What Do We Have in the Freezer?" kind of day. After a whirlwind month from our super-fun Spring Greening event, I didn't have the energy to whip up a recipe during this week, so we went with go-old-fashioned frozen veggie burgers, corn, and sweet potato puffs. The always kids love those puffs and the corn, and while none of them were too crazy about the burgers, I'll happily take two out of three on a day like that ;)

Looking for more Meatless Monday Inspiration? Check out past roundups, too!

And, hey, today's a Monday, too! Cinco de Mayo, in fact! Menu for tonight? Thinking these Quinoa Taco Bowls might get us the spirit.

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