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Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics {Product Review and GIVEAWAY!}

Give Your Little Ones (or YOU!) the Deluxe, Organic Treatment

Plus, one winner will receive a Bundle of Suds!
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Organic Pregnancy Products

Until recently, if you asked me about Earth Mama Angel Baby products, I would have raved about the two products I knew the most: their Earth Mama Body Butter (that I used to prevent stretch marks during my pregnancies) and their Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash (that I received in my birthing suite at the hospital and loved so much that I continued to use with the babies at home). Both products, with their organic ingredients and soothing scents were happy parts of my three pregnancies and subsequent newborn years.

This month I was able to try out another Earth Mama product: their Calming Lavender Bundle of Suds, a trio made up of three sizes of Calming Lavender Shampoo and Body Wash. Since I've loved all of the Earth Mama products I've used in the past, I was super excited to give the LAVENDER version of their castile shampoo-soap a try!


Safe Shampoo for Pregnancy and Babies

We started by using the shampoo and body wash on the kids in the bath, and it was great! It's foaming, which is nice because you don't have to scrub those little heads too much to work it into a suitable lather for their hair. And the smell is perfect--a lightly scented lavender that's not too overpowering (although you know I do love my lavender). Also, the kids LOVED the foaming aspect of the soap (and kept asking for more and more and more soap)... and now their dolls' hair smells equally as good as theirs ;)

After such success with the kiddos, I decided to try it myself! I used it in place of my shampoo and was pleasantly surprised at how it worked. I've been using an all-natural shampoo for a while now, but the one thing that's always bothered me about it is that it doesn't work into a lather very well. This one, since it comes out in a foam, had a really nice lather-ready consistency that I totally preferred to the current brand I'm using. I followed it up with my regular all-natural conditioner, and my hair felt great. So, another surprise there--it doesn't have to be just for kids!


DIY Baking Soda All Natural Cleaners

Now, how fun is this? Using it as shampoo and soap wasn't the extent of my experimenting with the new shampoo. I decided to use it to make the DIY Scrubby Cleanser that they recommend on their blog. It was easy to make (I opted for the simple, two-ingredient version), and I used it to clean ALL the sinks in my house. Yes, all. I wasn't prepared for the amount of scrubby cleanser I would ultimately concoct (I originally planned to clean just the kitchen sink), but after seeing how much I made, I had no choice but to clean all the other sinks, too (but let's face it, they needed to be cleaned, anyway).

This is how I used it: I spread the paste all over the surface, let it sit a minute, then scrubbed it all around with a washcloth and some warm water. It was easy to use and SMELLED GREAT, the only advice I would give is to be sure you rinse the surface well after you're done because the pasty-consistency will dry on it if you don't (which isn't a huge deal, you can just rinse it later, but rinsing it well initially will save you some time). Because of that, I see myself using it most often on my kitchen sink and tubs (where I've got flexible sprayers at my disposal).

I loved that I could amply clean my surfaces without harsh chemicals, and as an added bonus, the subtle lavender smell totally lingered for a while after I was done cleaning. That was a delightful side effect of the cleanser (and much more welcome than the acidic, bitter scent that tends to hang in the air after I use the "go-to" all-natural-cleanser, vinegar, to clean the kitchen).

The Earth Mama blog offers tons of other healthy, clever ideas for pregnant mommies and parents, so be sure to check it out!

Now it's your turn! Here's what's in store for you:


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