Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Awesome Earth Day Promotion from ECOlunchbox

It's Time to Get Serious about Going Green

ECOlunchbox products can help you reach your eco-friendly goals

I've tried out my share of reusable containers, and I can safely say, I haven't gotten truly EXCITED about any one brand until I learned about ECOlunchbox. So excited, in fact, that I've partnered with them as an affiliate for their amazing eco-conscious products!


ECOlunchbox - healthy bento lunch boxes and snack containers

Plastic Isn't Doing Us Any Favors

ECOlunchbox offers a variety of stainless steel containers that come in all shapes and sizes. Using stainless steel instead of plastic eliminates the risk of toxins that can enter our bodies from plastic (or the bodies of our precious little ones). And here's what really sold me: on their website they ask, "Why pack homemade lunches made from high-quality, organic ingredients in leachy plastic containers with a vinyl plastic tote?" And I can't think of a good answer to that question. I put so much time and effort into choosing and preparing healthy foods for my family, so it's important to me to be sure that it will be transported in safe containers.

In addition to the variety of stainless steel containers that ECOlunchbox makes (and there are many: check out the options here), they also sell these beautiful, cotton Artisan Bags and Napkins to accompany your boxes.

Still need more convincing (although I doubt it!)? Ever wonder WHERE the products you buy come from and HOW they are made? I do! And I was happy to discover that, for example, the gorgeous ECOlunchbag fabrics are FAIR TRADE and sourced directly from the artisans. The company is totally transparent about their sourcing and responsible practices (check out their website for more), and because of that, I can rest easy knowing the containers holding the food I prepare for my children has been manufactured safely and responsibly.

And if you know me well enough by now, you could probably guess that the only thing to make me more excited than a great product is when that great product goes ON SALE!

This month, ECOlunchbox is running a BOGO Earth Day Promotion: Buy One - Get 2nd Solo Cube Lunchbox 50% off or Buy 1, Get $10 off Solo Cube Lunchbox. Promo expires May 1, so be sure to act now (while you're thinking about it)!

One more cool thing to note (because anything that means less cleaning for me is certainly cool): the stainless steel boxes are dishwasher-safe and the cotton bags and accessories are machine-washable!

Have fun shopping, and Happy Earth Day!

This post is part of the {Spring Greening Month} Series. Find out why I'm hosting this event here.

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