Friday, April 4, 2014

snackTAXI snack-sacks GIVEAWAY

Win 3 Taxi goods Snack Sacks from snackTAXI!

Stop wasting those plastic baggies!


snackTAXI cotton washable bags
Image Source: snackTAXI


Are you still using plastic baggies to store your snacks and sandwiches? If so, why? Not only are they extremely wasteful (they're headed straight to the landfill after lunch), they're totally DRAB (have you seen how CUTE the snackTAXI bag line is?). :)

In all seriousness, though, our society has got to cut down on our plastic bag usage. We're crowding the landfills, endangering our wildlife, and just being downright wasteful in a time when it's so abundantly clear that we need to be taking much better care of our earth.

In 2003, snackTAXI owner and founder Erin Kelly-Dill made a few reusable snack bags for her kids, and she hasn't looked back since. The brand has grown in popularity, as more and more people are making greener choices in their daily lives. Are you next?!

snackTAXI bags are made from 100% cotton and lined with ECO-PUL (which is made in the USA). All of the snackTAXI and TAXIgoods products are manufactured in the USA--right in nearby MA (well, nearby me, at least)!

giveaway for reusable snack and sandwich bags
Image Source: snackTAXI

And today, as part of our Spring Greening event, we're giving away 3 snackTAXI snack-sacks! That's right: one lucky winner will receive 3 super-cute, super-earth-friendly reusable sacks. Simply enter below (you don't need to complete all of the actions in order to enter--just do the ones you're comfortable with... that being said, the more you do, the more entries you earn). Good luck!

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This post is part of the Spring Greening Month Series. Find out why I'm hosting this event here.



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