Monday, April 21, 2014

Organic Coupon Package Giveaway

Win a $40 Package of Organic Foods Coupons

A great giveaway to gain some green grocery savings!


Win organic coupons


What's the hardest thing about shopping for organic foods? Simple answer for me: COST. Sure, if we had all the money in the world, we'd be buy EVERYTHING organic. But that's just not reality. So until then, we'll have to keep looking for savings in any way we can.

The easiest way to save? COUPONS! While I love finding coupons for my favorite brands, it's not as easy as it sounds. Sure, there are new coupons available in the papers and online every week, but it's rare that I find them for my favorite brands, especially when they're organic.

That's why I'm so happy to offer this week's newest Spring Greening Giveaway: Organic Foods Coupon Package worth $40! That translates into huge savings off those weekly grocery bills!

coupons for organic foods

Organic Foods Coupon Package Giveaway - 5 WINNERS!

5 winners will receive a package of coupons from these TOP ORGANIC BRANDS:

  • Applegate Organics: One of my biggest concerns in buying meat for my family animal is about how the animals are raised. The meat used in Applegate products is raised humanely without antibiotics and hormones. When it comes to choosing safe meat products (check out their product line here), I don't have to think twice about purchasing it if it says Applegate on it! And now that spring is here, it's a great time to stock up on hot dogs and burgers for all those BBQ's we'll be having in the warm months ahead!
  • Eden Foods: If you've spent any time in natural foods stores, you've seen Eden Food's products all over the shelves. That's because Eden is the oldest natural/organic food company in the USA! The folks at Eden have been focused on organic and natural nutrition for over 40 years. They offer an extensive line of dry organic foods, and you can be sure that by stocking your pantry with their products, you're ensuring that you'll always have nutrient-packed options for your recipes. Plus, any company that supports Eden's values wins major points with me!
  • Happy Family Brands: I've written before about my struggles to find nutritious, organic, prepared foods for my kids, but I consider myself fortunate to have Happy Family products readily available around me. They're yummy kids options are packed with superfoods, and I keep my pantry and pocketbook stocked with their snacks at all times! For more details, check out my Happy Family review here!

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This post is part of the Spring Greening Month Series. Find out why I'm hosting this event, and see more Spring Greening Month posts here.

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