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DIY Geometric Vases {Upcycled Spaghetti Sauce Jars}

Repurposed Spaghetti Sauce Jars

A pretty and green SPRING project :)


inexpensive casual party decorations

If I'm throwing a party, you can be pretty sure it's going to have a casual vibe. I'm not a fan of fancy, stuffy engagements, and if people are coming to my house, my first concern is that they're comfortable (second concern: that they have fun!).

Same thing goes for my decorations. I like pretty things, but I don't like to overdo it. I also don't like to be wasteful; I've had too many parties where I'm stuck with a bunch of leftover vases or candles that I won't ever use again (at least not on a regular basis). So if I can use my "saving money on flowers" trick and combine it with pretty eco-friendly vases like these, I consider myself off to a good start!

Fancy BBQ decorations

So, it seems like a pretty obvious solution, doesn't it? Reusing jars that are just headed to the recycling bin anyway?!

I've done this with jars in the past (in fact, they were the centerpieces on my Pleated Vinyl Tablecloths last year), but this year I took it a step further by using my {new!} Silhouette machine to give them a little more character.

Since they're glass, they're just as pretty as the standard ones that often come from the florist, and by proudly setting out re-purposed jars (instead of store-bought vases), you're letting your guests know that you value a green lifestyle (and maybe it'll even get some of the reluctant recyclers to seek out your recycling bin!).

DIY Spaghetti Sauce Jars to Vases: Silhouette Tutorial

  • Measure the USABLE space on your jar (omit any bumps or letters). Measure the usable height and the circumference of the jar.
  • Create a new Silhouette document, and create your design in a space based on those previous measurements (my polka-dot jar was about 3.5"x10").
  • Set up your vinyl (trim it to size before you put it on the mat), feed it into the machine, and CUT! Here were the settings I used: Vinyl; Cutting Mat; Double Cut; Speed: 8; Thickness: 9; Blade: 2. Not sure how kindly your Silhouette reacts to you, but I've found that I've got a better chance for success when I use the Double Cut option. Also, I made a mistake measuring the first time which is why you see three rows of dots on the original design--I only ended up using 2 rows!
  • Transfer your vinyl design to the jar using transfer paper.
  • Smooth the design onto the jar using a plastic card. Take care to smooth out all the bubbles!
  • Remove the transfer paper, and VIOLA! The fanciest pasta sauce jar yet :)

Another reason I like to use these, especially if we're having an outdoor get-together, is that no one has to worry about breaking one by mistake! Another small way to let guests feel that casual vibe... maybe I'm the only one out there with the whole bad-luck-klutzy thing going on, but I've got it! And I'm always worried about me (or one of my children) bumping into or dropping something when I'm in someone else's home!

Also, you clearly don't have to be throwing a party to make use of this green trick--fresh flowers in "green" vases will look great in any occasion! Oh, and if you're wondering where I got the purple Anthro-style berry basket, check out this post--I think you'll be super surprised!

This post is part of the Spring Greening Month Series. Find out why I'm hosting this event, and see more Spring Greening Month posts here.

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