Friday, April 11, 2014

Win a VIP Package from Amy's Organics

Yummy Food From Amy's PLUS a Free Tote!

An organic package that's hard to beat!

Organic Food Companies Giveaways

When I think of organic food companies, Amy's Kitchen is one of the first that pops into my mind. Their delicious frozen options like Pad Thai, Cheese Lasagna, Indian Paneer, Macaroni & Cheese, Red Curry, and PIZZA (and that's only to name a few) are easy standbys to keep stocked in the freezer for a quick, healthy meal when you don't have time to make something from scratch.

And really, that's the premise behind Amy's products. Their tagline, "We Love to Cook for You," says it all about this family-owned company. They have the highest standards about using fresh, organic ingredients in everything they make. And everything is made by hand, so you can be sure that the meal you're enjoying was home-cooked right in the Amy's Kitchen.

Amy's offers a huge variety of healthy, vegetarian foods (did you know they make 9 kinds of veggie burgers?), and their selections don't stop at frozen meals for grownups. They also make Kids Meals that include veggies and desserts (great for parents' date nights!), over 30 kinds of Soups, Desserts, Snacks, and more!

And there you have it! Today we're giving away an Amy's VIP Coupon Package with a Cute Hemp Tote Bag--a prize package worth $26! That adds up to big savings off your weekly grocery bill! So don't wait--enter now! Remember, you don't need to complete all of the actions to enter, but each one that you do will earn you an additional entry.

Now, when you head to the grocery store, armed with your new Amy's coupons, what yummy foods will you pick?

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  1. Thank you for the great giveaway. It would definitely help with the grocery bill.

    1. Yes, definitely! And I rarely see coupons for organic foods, which is why I love this one!


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