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Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps: Lotion and Hair Creme Product Review

Organic, Certified Fair Trade, All-Natural Skin Care

Plus, learn all about my new favorite hair product!


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Earlier in the year, I reached out to Dr. Bronner's to see if they wanted to be a part of Spring Greening. Seeking out their participation was a no-brainer for me; I make daily use of their bar and liquid lavender castile soaps, and I've always admired their philosophies on Truth and Integrity.

I was delighted to hear that they were interested in working with me through a product review of two lavender products that I'd yet to try: their Organic Hand & Body Lotion and Organic Hair Creme (yea--pretty sure I sufficiently gushed about my love of lavender).

Because if you have yet to smell one of Dr. Bronner's soaps, you are missing out. And while certainly not everyone loves the smell of lavender like I do, the soaps come in a variety of tantalizing scents like Tea Tea, Rose, Almond, Peppermint, Citrus, Eucalyptus... and even Unscented (if you really can't find a scent that you love or if your body can't tolerate fragrances).

And when I talk about these fragrances, they are the real deal. The products are scented with essential oils and extracts, directly from the best natural sources; Dr. Bronner's products do not contain artificial fragrances that have been synthetically manufactured in a factory somewhere. Because of that, the scents are simple and natural (and honestly, kind of addicting).

coconut oil hair products

As far as the new products I tried, let me fill you in!
  • Lavender Coconut Organic Lotion: I'll spare you my incessant raving of about how much I love the smell--but, of course, that same sentiment applies to the lotion, and that's easily my favorite thing about it. The consistency is silky and soft, and it absorbs into the skin quickly. I've been using it in the morning (and a couple times on particularly dry days) or whenever I need a little jolt of lavender to my system, which happens to be quite often :) Because of the all-natural ingredients, it's also a product that I have no hesitations about using on my children (aside from the fact that the more they use, the less there is for me). 

  • Lavender Coconut Organic Hair Creme: This has quickly become part of my daily routine and is easily my new favorite hair product. Because my hair has a natural curl to it, that quality is often accompanied by an unwelcome natural FRIZZ (as anyone with curly hair knows). To combat the frizzies, I always need some sort of product to tone it down (especially on damp or humid days). I've gone back-and-forth with hair products, but I'm always concerned about the fact that I can rarely identify any of the ingredients on the package (which is why I was SO excited to hear about this product)... and the fact that it smells like lavender is just an added bonus! For the last month or so, I've been using a tiny amount (like less than a dime-size) on my wet hair after I get out of the shower, and I'd equate its effectiveness to that of a leave-in conditioner, which has been perfect for me. As long as I'm using the correct amount (it's a lot less than you might think, and I have pretty long hair), my hair looks natural, smells great (do I really need to emphasize that?) and the frizz is kept to a minimum.

Fair trade, organic skin care products

I mentioned before my admiration of Dr. Bronner's values, but I think they're really important for everyone to understand. All of their products are ORGANIC and FAIR TRADE, which means that when you purchase a Dr. Bronner's product, you know you are getting the highest-quality ingredients from sources that ensure fair prices, wages, and benefits for all of their employees. So I'd venture to guess that when you buy a Dr. Bronner's product, you're likely to secure some good karma along with it :)

Dr. Bronner's also runs Monthly Specials, so be sure to check them out (during the month of April they're running 15% off all of their liquid castile soaps!). For more information on creative ways to use their products in your everyday life, check out their Going Green blog.

This post is part of the Spring Greening Month Series. Find out why I'm hosting this event, and see more Spring Greening Month posts here.

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