Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Organic Gardening with Kids {Green Contributor Post}

Do You DIG Organic Gardening?

If you "plant the seeds" with your little ones now, they're likely to spread the green for years to come!

When Kristen asked me to be a part of the Spring Greening series, I was thrilled. I love spreading the "green love" through super easy tips and tricks. You see, I am a Greenie-in-training, if you will. I love living an eco friendly lifestyle, but will admit that it sometimes can seem overwhelming to do.

However, in reality, living green is much easier - it's about getting back to how things used to be, in a sense. Using reusable products, upcycling products and using them for more than 1 purpose, and growing foods withOUT chemicals - as food is intended to be. Today, let's talk about just that!


Last year is the first year that we had a truly organic garden and we'll not be changing back anytime soon. We went organic from the plants we planted, all the way back to the seeds and fertilizer we used. Any type of gardening that you do yourself is just about guaranteed to be a more natural way to eat, but choosing to use only organic and non-GMO seeds and plants is definitely the way to go.


I'm also excited about including my children in our garden even more this year. My girls will be 4 and 2 this Summer and have definitely already expressed interest in picking out what we'll be planting - and digging in the dirt to remove last year's dead foliage. Incorporating your kids in your green lifestyle - whether it's gardening, recycling, or upcycling - means they'll carry the tools and trades with them, definitely helping to insure the green lifestyle continues years from now. The best part about gardening in current times? It doesn't mean you have to own acres and acres of land! There is a ton of information available online about raised bed gardens, container gardening, and even vertical gardens!


So I encourage you to take your green living to the gardening level! Whether you choose to plant a large garden or just 1 tomato plant in a back door container, there is so much joy and pride to be had when you see the first fruit of your labor come to maturity!

Lindsey is the author behind the So Easy Being Green blog. SEBG is a resource for parents who want to make small changes that will make a big impact on their path to a green-er life. You can also find Lindsey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Thanks so much for your gardening inspiration, Lindsey! Last year we planted carrots and broccoli... we were successful with the carrots (yay!) but, unfortunately, the broccoli didn't have the same fate :( This year I'm determined to try to get at least 3 veggies to grow! You may be hearing from me again soon ;)

This post is part of the Spring Greening Month Series. Find out why I'm hosting this event here.

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