Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Family Brands Product Review and Giveaway

Win a Happiest Toddler Package from Happy Family

Organic, Healthy, and Tasty Treats for Toddlers

Happy Baby Foods for Toddlers

As any parent knows, time is especially valuable when you're raising small children. Their needs require almost-constant attention on your part, and it's rare that you get a free minute. When it comes to snack time, the quickest choices tend to be packaged foods, but I find that I'm constantly struggling to find wholesome, convenient choices that my kids genuinely enjoy. Enter, Happy Family!

Happy Family foods are ORGANIC, packed with nutritious superfoods, and, here's the kicker: my kids LOVE them. Since my oldest was a baby, I'd always bought Happy Family baby snacks, but until recently I didn't know how vast their selections are (they also have toddler, kid, and grown-up options!).

This month my kids were thrilled to try out some of the toddler options (yes, I said 'kids'. PLURAL. My 4-and-5-year olds wanted "in" on the deal, too). Armed with our free product coupons, we spent a good 20 minutes in Target debating which flavors would be best, and as soon as we got in the car, the requests to start the taste-testing began. With all that excitement, how could I say no? And so the three of them enjoyed some Apple Rice Cakes on the ride home. And here was my first, somewhat-timely observation: my kids love flavored mini rice cakes, but recently I'd stopped buying them after reading the ingredients and being shocked about how much junk was in what I considered a "healthy" snack. The ingredients in the Happy Family version? Rice and apple juice. Simple as that. I'm sold!

Toddler Pouches by Happy Family

I especially love Happy Family's pouches because they are easy to throw in my purse on the way out the door so I always have a snack on hand for the little one. My toddler tried many varieties (I didn't let the girls steal any of the pouches from him), and if I had to guess, I'd say the Strawberry, Kiwi, Beet & Pear was his favorite (although he's not quite two and doesn't quite understand the "favorite" concept), but he really loved them all. How do I know? Well, he FINISHED them! I've gone through many frustrating moments of him refusing to eat a healthy snack I've spent money on (grrrr), so to see him gobble these up made me very happy. Oh, and my favorite thing about this one: it has Salba® the Super Chia seeds in it (the highest quality chia seed available! Find out more about it here). Chia is one of my favorite superfoods, but I haven't had much success getting my kids to like it; yet another reason I was thrilled that my tot was pleased.

The toddler bars are a great mid-day snack, and again, they're packed with superfoods like Salba® the Super Chia and kale. The natural, fruit sweeteners completely balance the unfamiliar tastes often associated with those super-healthy foods, so they still seemed like a treat to my tot. The cookies were also a big hit with ALL THREE KIDS. But everyone's absolute favorite snack: Happy Yogis Fruit and Yogurt Drops. YET... I have to be careful with these, because if I'm not watching, the three of them could polish off a bag in no time! Whenever they see these show up in the pantry, it's the first snack they ask for. A little while ago I realized that I could extend the life of the bag by using them in some trail mix, and that's been consistently one of their most-requested snacks.

Ideally I'd love for my kids to be eating fresh fruits and veggies all day long, but at this point in our lives, that's just not realistic; however, these amazing organic foods from Happy Family are the next best thing. I'm fed up with worrying about what's inside of the food I'm buying for my kids. I'm also sick of throwing out barely-eaten packages of some of the other healthy options out there. With Happy Family brands, I know that I'm getting great food made with the healthiest ingredients, and I know my kids will eat it!

I've found that Happy Family website is also a great resource for nutritional information, with lots of facts and tips about healthy eating for families (there's a great Prenatal Guide for pregos!). And the positive vibes don't stop there. Happy Family's got two great organizations dedicated to helping those in need.

So what are you waiting for?! Here's your chance to win some Happy Family products for yourself!

Happy Family Giveaway Details

Enter to win a Happiest Toddler Package (1year-3T) - $25 VALUE
Package contains a selection of Happy Family's most popular products for ages 12 months - 3 years (in the form of FREE PRODUCT coupons so you can choose your own flavors!), as well as additional coupons, educational resource cards and a reusable Happy Family tote bag!

Remember, you don't need to complete all of the options in the widget, but the more you do, the more entries you'll earn. Good luck!

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  1. Fiona loves sushi!!! She has since she was just over a year old.

    1. That's so cool, Tina! My older ones are just now starting to like it... although half the time, they just pull out the crab sticks from the middle and just eat those!

  2. Replies
    1. YUM! Mine too! Ooh, I could go for one right now!

  3. My 2.5 year old loves cauliflower and carrots!

  4. My kids love apples with peanut butter or granola bars for snacks

  5. My kids love carrots and hummus. Victoria Ess


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