Monday, April 28, 2014

Aura Cacia Organic Yoga Mist {Product Review and GIVEAWAY!}

Sweeten Your Yoga Practice with These Uplifting Scents

Purify? Motivate? Awaken? Here's how I match my mist to my mat :)

Aura Cacia has been my go-to brand for essential oils for years now. There's a consistent purity in the fragrances of their products that I've been unable to find in any other brand.

This month, I was thrilled to try out one of their newest product lines--Organic Yoga Mists. They sent three varieties to try, and even after a whole lot of use, I'm hard-pressed to pick a favorite! 

My favorite way to use the mists during my home yoga practice is to lightly spray my mat before I begin. Depending on my mood, I determine what kind of practice I need at that time, and I've had a lot of fun choosing a yoga mist scent to support it. Here's a breakdown of how I've been using them so far:

  • AWAKENING with Grapefruit and Lavandin: On days I'm feeling sluggish and need to take a slower start to my practice, the Awakening mist has been a great choice. It has a soft but powerful aroma that helps me wake up my body and mind, clear out lingering distractions, and help set a balanced tone for the rest of the day.
  • MOTIVATING with Sweet Orange & Peppermint: This spray is perfect for the days I need to slow down and center my mind. I have a tendency towards unsettled energy, and yoga has been integral in helping to even out my emotions during those times. It's then in particular that I need a energizing, active, vinyasa practice. The combination of citrus and mint has been a welcome addition on the days I struggle to stay with my breath and move evenly in and out of postures.
  • PURIFYING with Tea Tree & Lemon: I have found this scent to have a similar uplifting quality to the Orange & Peppermint, but there's more of a crispness to the aroma. The combination of tea tree and lemon seem to produce a "cleansing" quality, facilitating the openness of mind that helps me engage in each pose, be present, and maximize the benefits of being there.

The mists come in easy-to-stow 4 oz. bottles, so they're the perfect size to throw in your yoga bag or gym bag. They're great to bring to the studio to clean off your mat after practice, but you certainly don't need to be a yogi to take advantage of their benefits.

Because here's the absolute best things about these sprays: their uses extend way beyond the mat. Since they're made up of a simple combination of water and essential oils, they're totally safe to use on your body, and they also make great room and linen sprays. My girls have made a habit of spraying their pillows before bed at night to help them fall asleep (and they've got an ongoing debate about which scent is most effective).

You can find Aura Cacia's new Yoga Mists in natural food stores (I just saw them in my local Whole Foods), or you can buy them online. But before you run out, why not enter our next Spring Greening Giveaway? Winner will receive one of each variety of Aura Cacia's Organic Yoga Mist.

Remember, you don't need to complete all of the actions in the widget to enter, just pick what you're comfortable with--each action earns you entry points. Good luck!

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