Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Plastic Party Chairs from Craigslist

Great Deal on Outdoor Plastic Party Chairs

Craigslist find! I have been coveting chairs like this--really! No, they're not fancy, but they are practical. Any time we have a party, I want to be sure there's enough seating, but I could never bring myself to pay anywhere from $10+ each! Plus, I hate the idea of bringing more plastic into circulation. So I waited patiently, and then it happened. A great price on Craigslist. The listing said they were selling 10 of these for $20. Not bad... but I'm not satisfied unless I REALLY feel like I'm getting a deal, so I offered them $15, and they took it! I was worried about them all fitting in my car in addition to my two kids who were with me that day; I didn't want to take two trips (it was about 25 minutes away)--but they fit! And the nice couple who sold them realized they had 13 of them, not 10, so they threw in the extra 3 for free. So I really made out on this one--I paid approximately $1.15/chair! Now I just need to plan my next party :)

My creative side is always itching to do something else... what do you think? Play around with these? Paint them? Or just leave them as they are. Has anyone ever painted plastic chairs? How do they hold up?


  1. Wow! What a deal!! I will have to start looking on craigslist for some great ideas like this

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