Thursday, April 25, 2013

Saving a Step with Our Recyclables

Recyclable Plastic Bags

I'm so excited that my family is at the point that, between single-stream recycling and the garbage disposal, we have more recycling every week than trash! When we started transitioning to this stage, my biggest obstacle became storing the recyclables. We were either trudging out to the garage or mudroom or leaving them on the counter (very unsightly). So I looked and looked, and I finally found a trash can that is divided into two equal sections for garbage and recycling (I'll post more on that later;the garbage can itself deserves its own post. It's literally a favorite of all our guests). But then the problem became needing bags that were recyclable. Another search. And most of the solutions were very expensive!

While I wasn't prepared to spend $36.99 on (essentially) garbage bags, what looked like the best value was this set of 250 Blue Recycling Bags I found on Amazon (comparably,the name brand option costs $100. No, mine don't have the drawstring feature of the name brand option, but for another $60+, I wasn't about to spring for that). And we majorly lucked out! We're not even halfway through the box after 7 months of using them, so at this rate, we should make it through the year with this box. Just to clarify, we don't use them for every single thing we recycle, just the everyday items that we keep in the house (e.g., juice and milk cartons, seltzer bottles, cereal and snack boxes). 

They come in a box like the one shown above (and it's heavy!), and BONUS: they're made in the USA! I just store this box under the sink with the regular garbage bags on top, and it's really convenient. And they qualify for free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

What are some other clever ways you've found for storing your recyclabes?

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