Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ridiculously Quick Thank You Gifts

It's the Season to Say "Thank You"

Very Quick and Inexpensive Gifts for Teachers, Caregivers... anyone!

It's just about May and I'm already starting to stress about end-of-year teacher/caregiver gifts. I want to genuinely thank these amazing people, but I don't want to just give something for the sake of giving it. As a teacher myself (taking a mommy hiatus), I know how much I've always appreciated someone simply remembering me with a handwritten card or thoughtful gift. Those sentiments have always meant more to me than a gift card or candle (unless it's a lavender candle, JK). But one problem I always run into is time. The kids have a lot of teachers who interact with them, and taking the time to make something for everyone just isn't reasonable (time-wise) for me. Add to that the expense of finding something for everyone... and in that rush, I sometimes get caught up in that "buying something for the sake of buying something" trap. So hence the panic, but now I've at least got one done.
Thankfully, I know that my son's Wednesday morning babysitter loves flowers (she told me that when I gave her a petunia at Christmas) and tomorrow is our last day. So, there it is, flowers for Ms. E. I originally wanted to get a hydrangea, but I couldn't find one, and these petunias were smiling over at me, so I went with them. I wanted to make it a little prettier without having to buy a pot, so I used this burlap ribbon, which also allowed for the drain holes in the bottom to remain unobstructed. Tied it together with twine, used a popsicle stick, scrapbook paper, and stamps (all of which I had in my craft room) to create the card. In the interest of time, this popsicle stick card could be modified by simply handwriting or typing the note. Also, a skewer or even a branch could replace the popsicle stick. 

There it is, my project for today. Quick, easy, and the right price.


  1. Such a cute idea! I like that you dressed it up! I love to give arrangements of flowers from my garden at the end of the year.

  2. Thanks! I wish I could give flowers from my garden, but I can't ever keep them alive! I think that's the best kind of gift, though, so those teachers are lucky! I do have a few hydrangeas that were in my yard when we moved in, so I'm able to snip some of those during the summer. But I wish I had a green thumb! Have a great weekend.

  3. I am sure that your son’s babysitter will love your very thoughtful gift. Nice Work. ;o)

    1. Thanks, Paula! I gave it to her last week, and I'm pretty sure she did!

  4. This is really cute. I'm hosting a new linky party at

    I would love to have you!


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