Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hand-Me-Down Patio Table Makeover

Hand-Me-Down Table Makeover

DIY Spray Painted Patio Table

We've all seen these round glass-top patio tables before. And they're great! Easy to maintain, easy to look at. So when my neighbor asked us if we wanted theirs (they had gotten a new table), of course, I said yes! We were in need of an outdoor eating space. Easy enough, right? Well, not exactly. Me being me, I had to turn it into a project. 

I'm not really a neutrals lover; I love color. So I thought a little spray paint could really jazz this table up. I used Rust-oleum Painters Touch in "Lagoon." I got it at Home Depot, and it was the closest shade they had to what I really wanted (I've since learned that Michaels has a much better spray paint color collection).

After cleaning all the parts of the table, the next part was super easy: just spray paint! I had to do about two full coats and then a couple touch-up coats after.

And there you have it. Simple project, simple post. Just in time for the warmer weather. Although you may notice I'm missing a couple things. Yup, still looking for come cute chairs to pull it all together (Nevermind! Found some at the Country Living Fair!). Oh, and one of those umbrella holder things.


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